The Cuisine of the Festival: Isola della Scala Fair Authority is the gastronomic protagonist of the Tocatì – Festival of Games in the street of Verona.

From 9 to 11 September and from 15 to 18 September, the Isola della Scala Fair Authority, with LA CUCINA DEL FESTIVAL, arrives in the center of Verona and joins Tocatì.

Every year in September the magical city of Verona hosts the Tocatì – International Street Games Festival, which sees the streets of the center swarm with ancient games and events dedicated to young and old. An opportunity to rediscover how we had fun in the past, a journey through the various nations of the world that are hosted edition after edition.
An opportunity to immerse yourself also in the Veronese gastronomic tradition, to complete this wonderful experience with taste and authenticity. And here, for the second consecutive year, Isola della Scala Fair Authority with LA CUCINA DEL FESTIVAL arrives in the center of Verona and joins Tocatì, consolidating the link with the territory and attention to sustainability. In fact, the event uses only energy from renewable sources; and since 2015 it has obtained the ISO 20121 international certification as a sustainable event every year.

The Cuisine of the Festival: where and when.

The gastronomic corner of the event will be staged in Lungadige San Giorgio, with a view of Ponte Pietra, from 9 to 11 September and from 15 to 18 September.
From 7.00 pm the kitchens will open and prepare the nano vialone Veronese IGP rice according to traditional recipes: risotto all’isolana (made with first choice minced meat), risotto with radicchio and Monte Veronese (a typical cheese of the territory), gnocchi with pastisada de caval (soft horse meat stew) and menus for children.
On Saturdays and Sundays the area will be open from 12:00.

In the evenings of Tocatì, the Sounds along the Adige will be the setting: Thursday 15/09 will open with The beat of Salento on the Adige, Friday evening Dance party with the GRDP dance group (Gruppo Ricerca Popular Dance of Verona) and Saturday Sounds from the world with the musical groups of the guest of honor.

Roberto Venturi, sole director of Isola della Scala Fair Authority explains: “The Street Games Festival records record numbers every year and we, together with the Risottari Masters, will make known to the many tourists who will come to Verona for the event, the our flagship, the vialone veronese IGP nano rice. In a suggestive setting, the Veronese and all the participants will be able to taste our dishes. Given the success of last year, space will be given to knowledge inside the Hapsburg tower. For the little ones, a laboratory will be created where they can see all the rice processing and an exhibition dedicated to the promotion of the island’s territory“.

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We just have to enjoy the beautiful September days for a full immersion of games and flavors that will make every moment shared with family, friends and many happy children memorable!

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