The cycle/pedestrian path of Limone sul Garda overlooking the lake.

Suspended between rock and water, this stretch of Lake Garda cycle and pedestrian path is considered one of the most beautiful and panoramic in the world.

The cycle / pedestrian path of Limone sul Garda (BS) was inaugurated in 2018. In the next two years, the last section that will connect it to Riva del Garda (TN) will be completed.

The overhanging stretch is a wonderful example of engineering 2.5 km long and represents the concept of slow tourism par excellence: it will be impossible not to stop meter after meter to observe the enchanting panorama that stands out in front and enjoy the breeze of the winds. Garda, the sound of the waves, the beauty of nature.

Time lapse. ©️lakegardaphoto

Useful tips to know to go on the cycle / pedestrian path of Limone on Lake Garda.

First of all, we recommend that you park in the town of Limone sul Garda (there are only about ten parking spaces on the Garda state road near the entrance to the track and it is very difficult to find a space, especially in high season).

This will allow you to make a beautiful day of excursion passing through the town center up to take, at the end of the main promenade on the left, the panoramic route of Capo Reamol which will give you breathtaking views of bends with crystalline waters and ancient lemon groves up to take you to the beginning of the cycle path.

This return route is about 11 km long, a little uphill on the way. It is perfectly suitable for families with children, even small ones in wheelchairs. The only thing to keep in mind is that the last stretch is completely in the sun, so bring any hats and everything you need.

The only refreshment points you can find are in Limone sul Garda. So remember to stock up on fresh water or refresh yourself with good local food in the town center, where you will find many bars, restaurants and shops of all kinds.

Another tip is to walk the cycle/pedestrian path, especially in high season.

As this is a fairly short walk, this will allow you to fully enjoy the view without the risk of going at a crawl with the bike when the turnout is very high.

The cycle/pedestrian path is always accessible, even at night, in fact it is illuminated by LED lights that outline the silhouette of the road. There are no public toilets.

It can be reached from the eastern shore via the ferry that leaves from Malcesine (which also transports cars, motorcycles and bicycles).

We leave you with the last dispassionate advice: go there as soon as possible! You will recharge yourself with the energy that only nature, with its magnificence, can give.

Silvia Turazza – Garda Outdoors editorial staff

Silvia Turazza

According to the art of onomancy, the meaning of my name is described as follows: "it lives in the woods, sylvan and wild". Sometimes fate knows the way before you, and forges you with the most akin experiences. I live in the heart of Lake Garda in Castelletto di Brenzone. Passionate about trekking, photography and writing, which I combine in small adventures. If you are looking for me, you will find me in the forest overlooking the lake... with my Roberto and Gea.