Garda Outdoors, Eco-Traveler Project sustainable tourism on Lake Garda.

What is the Garda Outdoors Eco-traveler project for Lake Garda sustainable tourism on Lake Garda..

Tourism is responsible for about  8% of global carbon emissions, contributing significantly to climate change.

We of the Team Garda Outdoors want to do our part, making our users and our partners aware of a green tourism policy that will bring Lake Garda to be the first tourist basin with zero impact tourists on the climate.

We will help offset the carbon dioxide produced during your stay on Lake Garda through the purchase of virtuous shares that compensate for CO2, making each trip as carbon neutral as possible (i.e. trying to get as close to zero emissions as possible). ( i.e. zero emissions).

What is compensation.

Carbon offsetting allows you to offset the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced by reducing emissions elsewhere. Offsetting means choosing to financially support certified projects with a positive climate impact, whose goal is to reduce or remove greenhouse gases. Each ton of greenhouse gas removed or reduced is certified by a third party and can be purchased to offset the emissions of each individual’s lifestyle.

Every time we travel, we generate carbon dioxide emissions through flight, accommodation, transportation and all other activities.

Projects reduce carbon dioxide by capturing/storing existing CO2 or by preventing new emissions from occurring. For example, one project could create a wind farm that generates clean energy, while another could plant trees that absorb carbon .

Projects can provide benefits that go beyond carbon reduction, such as protecting forests and the biodiversity within them, or creating opportunities for communities to improve their livelihoods and health.

What We Are Doing

We are creating the first generation of tourists on Lake Garda with zero impact travel on the climate!

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How many are 399 tonnes of Co2 offset?

15,533 car laps around Lake Garda!


We want to create the first generation of tourists on Lake Garda with climate-neutral travel

Lake Garda must become the reference point for green tourism in Italy.
A pilot territory for the ecological turn of travel in Italy.

Offsetting about 10,000 tonnes of CO2 in 2023

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