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Wines and typical products of Lake Garda.

The territory of Lake Garda holds authentic food and wine treasures. Niche products at 0 km, with unique flavors and organoleptic qualities in the world. Here we select our “food hunt”, animated by a spirit of gourmet exploration. Ready to follow us?
Le migliori gelaterie del Lago di Garda.

The best ice cream shops on Lake Garda – Edition 2022.

A list of the best ice-cream shops on Lake Garda, divided into provinces. In this way you will always have a trusted ice cream shop to turn to based on where you are!
In moto sul Lago di Garda.

Bar for bikers on Lake Garda – Edition 2022.

With the warm season the time has finally come to get back on the saddle! A list of the best bars for bikers on Lake Garda!

The olive harvest on Lake Garda and Garda DOP oil.

If you pass between the months of October and November from Lake Garda it will be very easy for you to meet...
Brenzone sul Garda.

The best lake fish restaurants of Lake Garda – Edition 2022.

The complete and updated list of all the best restaurants that offer excellent freshly cooked lake fish at zero kilometer!
olio extravergine d'oliva del lago di garda

Extra virgin olive oil from Lake Garda of my desires

the northernmost extra virgin olive oil in the world. Above the 46th parallel, it is produced in Lake Garda with unique features and a colour that turns it into a proper green treasure.

Carne salada, a historic gourmet dish

Let's discover the carne salada together, this gourmet dish of the Trentino tradition whose recipe has been handed down from family to family.

The five reasons for Broccolo di Torbole

Broccolo from Torbole, so called because it is produced in a small area between Torbole and Linfano. Slow Food Presidium, it is harvested between November and February