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Trekking, biking and various sports on Lake Garda.

Here you will find all the trekking and bike routes, and our suggestions for the sports that can be practiced on Lake Garda out of the water: golf, climbing, paragliding, horseback riding, cross-country running, road cycling, tennis, yoga and many others. There are also ideas for light walks suitable for any type of training. There is something for everyone!
Patriarca del Baldo

Do you want a big hug? The Patriarch of Baldo awaits you!

One of the most beautiful natural monuments in the Baldense area: a large silver fir called Patriarca. Let's find out together!
Santuario di Montecastello - Tignale (BS)

Walk to the Sanctuary of Montecastello overlooking Lake Garda.

Eager to combine a breathtaking view of Lake Garda with a nice walk in the woods among the remains of the First World War and a visit to a place of worship with frescoes from the Giottesca school? The Sanctuary of Montecastello is the ideal destination!
chiesetta di santa barbara

The small church of Santa Barbara with its splendid view of Lake Garda in...

Our indications for a beautiful panoramic trekking in Riva del Garda: the small church of Santa Barbara, perched on Monte Rocchetta.
Valle delle Cartiere e il torrente Toscolano.

The Valle delle Cartiere in Toscolano Maderno on Lake Garda.

An adventure in the gorge that houses the ruins of ancient paper mills, the Paper Museum and all the history that has forged this wonderful area, immersed in a unique atmosphere.
Panorama da Cima Comer

Cima Comer: trekking on the balcony of Lake Garda.

Here we explain the longest and the shortest route to get to the beautiful viewpoint of Cima Comer. Have fun!
Monte Brione

Walk on Monte Brione among its fortifications, which dominate the “fjord” of Lake Garda.

All the information for this easy trek on Monte Brione, suitable for everyone, which offers you magnificent views of the lake immersed in history.
punta larici

Trekking to Bocca Larici and Cima Larici on Lake Garda.

How to get to Bocca Larici and Cima Larici, two of the most breathtaking viewpoints on Lake Garda. An easy trek suitable for everyone!
climbing lago di garda

Climbing on Lake Garda.

Introductory guide to lake view climbing, events and connected cities. Find all the information in this article!
Sentiero panoramico Busatte - Tempesta.

Busatte – Tempesta panoramic path: the stairways overlooking Lake Garda.

Busatte - Tempesta Path on Lake Garda, the trip idea that everyone agrees: sportsmen, photographers, sun and relaxation lovers!
Santuario Madonna della Corona. ©️lakegardaphoto

Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona.

The Sanctuary perched in the heart of the Mount Baldo rocks.
Pista ciclopedonale nord-orientale del Lago di Garda.

A day along the north-eastern cycle/pedestrian path of Lake Garda.

From Brenzone sul Garda to Navene di Malcesine a complete excursus on everything that Lake Garda can offer: the beauty of the views and the typicality of its villages, united by sport, gastronomy and nature.
Lungolago ciclopedonale di Garda (VR).

An easy and carefree day along the cycle/pedestrian path Lazise – Bardolino – Garda.

A destination dedicated to fun that brings everyone together: sportsmen, food lovers, lovers of walking through beautiful alleys and shops.
La Rocca di Manerba del Garda.

The Rocca di Manerba, guardian of the precious ecosystem of Lake Garda.

Sometimes, feeling your heart skip a beat doesn't require immense efforts; it takes just a few steps to see the horizon open up from the cliffs of Lake Garda: the Rocca di Manerba Nature Reserve.
Pista ciclopedonale di Limone sul Garda (BS).

The cycle/pedestrian path of Limone sul Garda overlooking the lake.

Suspended between rock and water, this stretch of Lake Garda cycle and pedestrian path is considered one of the most beautiful and panoramic in the world.
Sentiero della Ponale.

The Ponale Path on Lake Garda is classified among the most beautiful in Europe.

The Ponale path is located a stone's throw from the center of Riva del Garda, where begins this wonderful trekking and mountain bike path on a gentle climb.