Snow getaway from Lake Garda: Pontedilegno – Tonale, a thousand adventures await!

For our "snow getaway," we take you to the province of Brescia, to one of the most exclusive natural areas in Valle Camonica: the Pontedilegno - Tonale ski area. Let's discover together how many activities we can enjoy in this snowy paradise!

During winter, Lake Garda’s blue color has a strong and candid ally: we’re talking about the white that peeks out on the Alpine peaks, offering us, with a look to the north, the pristine beauty of winter. So what do you do? Certainly, embarking on a snow getaway is the best idea to have fun with family, friends, or even alone, leaving behind every temptation: from the lazy sofa to the chocolate-filled Advent calendar!

As you well know, for us at Garda Outdoors, Lake Garda is not only coastal (it would be too limiting to only tell you about the villages overlooking the beaches), but it embraces the territories of the four cities that surround it: Verona, Brescia, Mantova, and Trento.

Today, for our “snow getaway,” we take you to the province of Brescia, to one of the most exclusive natural areas in the Valle Camonica: the Pontedilegno – Tonale ski area. Let’s discover together how many activities we can enjoy in this snowy paradise!

Snowshoeing in the woods.

If you really want to immerse yourself in the most breathtaking panoramas and magical corners that Ponte di Legno – Tonale has to offer, you absolutely must go snowshoeing in the woods, even better if accompanied by one of the excellent local guides. You’ll discover secret paths, leaving traces of adventure! The snow-covered forest reveals its wonders only to those who dare to venture. You’ll catch sight of villages untouched by time, hear the crunch of snow under your feet, and observe the signs left by animals, evidence of a wild life moving discreetly in the winter calm. In the Pontedilegno – Tonale area, you’ll find everything: guides, snowshoe rentals, and if you’ve set out only with jeans and sneakers? It’s an excellent opportunity to renew your wardrobe in one of the well-stocked technical clothing and equipment stores.

Snowmobile excursion.

At 5:00 PM, the slopes close, and you’re still hungry for adrenaline? The sunset and the blue hour are even more unmissable for an unforgettable guided snowmobile excursion, with the night slowly embracing the mountains and making room for crazy starry skies! And why not? You can also stop at a mountain hut for a well-deserved dinner with local delicacies before returning with headlights on in the night. At the Pontedilegno – Tonale ski area, you’ll find all the rentals where you can book your excursion.

Skiing on the Presena Glacier.

Here in Valle Camonica, throughout the Pontedilegno – Tonale ski area, the watchword is definitely fun!
There are a total of 41 slopes in the Ski Area (7 black, 24 red, 10 blue), all connected by modern ski lifts accessible with a single ski pass, and with very different characteristics and difficulties that satisfy the learning needs of novice skiers and fully satisfy the desire for fun of the more experienced, taking them up to the Presena Glacier at 3,016 meters! To reach the slopes comfortably, there is also the Skibus service with various routes.

Snow relaxation.

Are you not a fan of skiing and sports? Throughout the Pontedilegno – Tonale area, there’s something for you too!
Many Hotels with snow-view spas: pure sensory delight to indulge in a perfect counterpoint to the enveloping cold of the Alpine winter. Be inspired by the numerous offers in the area.

Ice Concert at the Paradice Music Festival.

On the Presena Glacier, PARADICE MUSIC – Ice Concerts take place, to experience the incredible magic that arises from the encounter of ice with music.
In a real igloo, musicians play special instruments sculpted in ice: from January 4th to March 30th, 2024, you can attend numerous live shows, all different. Gourmet dinners at high altitudes are also planned, one of which is a starred dinner with chef Alfio Ghezzi!
Tickets for lifts, shows, and dinners can be purchased – combining multiple options – online or at the ticket offices of Passo Tonale (Paradiso, Serodine, and central ticket office), Ponte di Legno, and Temù.

Tasting of local dishes and wines.

One of the most popular excuses for indulging in an extra bite? In winter, you burn more calories! And then, let’s face it, a shared meal is a feast for the palate, but above all for the heart.
Ponte di Legno, along with the entire Valle Camonica, preserves many traditional dishes that you’ll have the opportunity to taste in both restaurants and high-altitude huts.
Among the first courses, you can taste Casoncelli, ravioli filled with meat or local herbs called casonséi or calsù, or Gnòc de la cua, gnocchi typical of the popular tradition of Ponte di Legno.
Meat dishes are certainly the masters, accompanied by steaming polenta, a variety of mushrooms, and tasty cheeses, including Silter DOP (produced from cow’s milk, with an ancient Slow Food processing). There are also platters with artisanal cold cuts and super snacks with sweets, including the typical Spongada (a soft focaccia covered with sugar).
For wines, we find the Valcamonica IGT denomination, which represents one of the most important wine-producing areas in the Lombardy region. The wines of the Valcamonica IGT denomination, both white and red, are mainly based on Riesling, Müller-Thurgau, Marzemino, Merlot grapes; excellent and full-bodied, to accompany the local dishes.

For all information on various activities, ski pass purchase, event tickets, hotel reservations, and winter week, we leave you the direct link to:

Have we piqued your curiosity and desire to travel? I always think there’s no better-spent money than that to create experiences and memories. Enjoy the snow, dear Outdoors!

Silvia Turazza – Garda Outdoors Editorial Team

Silvia Turazza

According to the art of onomancy, the meaning of my name is described as follows: "it lives in the woods, sylvan and wild". Sometimes fate knows the way before you, and forges you with the most akin experiences. I live in the heart of Lake Garda in Castelletto di Brenzone. Passionate about trekking, photography and writing, which I combine in small adventures. If you are looking for me, you will find me in the forest overlooking the lake... with my Roberto and Gea.