Trekking on Lake Garda: discovering the Balòt tacà via

The charm of a trek on the bed of a stream inside a high and narrow gorge of eastern Lake Garda.

Balòt tacà via” means “large hanging boulder” in Venetian dialect.
And it is precisely this that the trekking route we propose will take you to see: an enormous rounded boulder which, falling from the mountain, remained stuck and suspended between the narrow rocky walls of the gorge that has hosted it since time immemorial.

Balòt tacà via. Video by JTDrone Technologies s.r.l.

Where do you start from and where do you park to see the Balòt tacà via?

From the Gardesana road SR429 you arrive at the large roundabout in Assenza di Brenzone (VR). From there go up towards Sommavilla. After a couple of bends, on the right, you will find a car park for cars and motorbikes (be careful, it has blue lines, you must pay the hourly rate in the column that issues the receipt). A few meters further on begins the concrete staircase from which the path to Balòt tacà via starts, well signposted by an information sign.

How long is the route to reach Balòt tacà via?

The trail is just over 1 km long with a difference in altitude, uphill on the outward journey, of 241 metres. Although the distance is not far, the travel time is around 50 minutes as from about halfway onwards you leave the mule track in the midst of beautiful olive groves to walk inside the Val del Torrente: a deep and narrow gorge with high limestone rock walls dug and smoothed by the erosion of the steep stream coming from the Valle degli Ossi above.

When is it best to go?

The route is usable and beautiful in all seasons. Be careful not to go after heavy rains because it could be flooded, as it is mostly on the bed of a stream which can fill up to allow the accumulation of rainwater to drain away.

Is it suitable for children and dog owners?

The path is suitable for families with children and also for dogs. However, I would like to point out that halfway through the route there is a vertical ladder with 5 iron rungs to overcome a difference in height of about two and a half meters and that the last part of the route has some passages between large boulders. Very young children must be accompanied. Small dogs can be easily picked up and large dogs require an extra effort, as long as they remain safe!

I conclude by warmly recommending this beautiful trek immersed in the majesty of nature. You will abandon yourself to observe the opulence of the spontaneous vegetation that will accompany you along the route until you lose your head towards the height of the rocky walls that will make you feel very small. Personally, for a few moments I felt like I was inside the set of Jurassic Park with the sensation that I could suddenly hear the rustle of a Pterodactyl flying above me or the curious gaze of a Triceratops chewing the cud on the grass. Undoubtedly in my dream the T-Rex was in another valley far away!

Until the next adventure dear Outdoors!
Silvia Turazza – Garda Outdoors editorial team

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