Events on Lake Garda: the Teatro degli Ulivi in ​​Campo di Brenzone opens the 2024 season.

The Teatro degli Ulivi was born in Campo di Brenzone sul Garda. In this wonderful natural setting, many shows, concerts and art exhibitions await you.

Did you know that the magical village of Campo, on the Veronese shore of Brenzone sul Garda, also hosts wonderful events?

In this natural setting, immersed in the quiet of the olive groves, the Teatro degli Ulivi was born. Many musical shows, concerts, dances, theater reviews and art exhibitions await you!

The Teatro degli Ulivi

The Teatro degli Ulivi is an evocative natural outdoor amphitheater that takes advantage of the gentle slope of the land around the stage where the shows are held.
Here there are no chairs, guests can freely sit on the grass with the help of blankets and cushions, as one would do during a nice picnic.
Furthermore, it can only be reached on foot, walking along scenic dirt paths immersed in the nature of the place.
A unique theater of its kind and therefore even more precious: the sharing of open spaces, the freedom of “now I lie down to look at the stars while listening to music”, the happiness of feeling in full harmony with nature and art; gentle art, the one that does not break into the balance of the cosmos, the one that remains on tiptoe respecting spaces and quantities.

How to reach the Teatro degli Ulivi

The Teatro degli Ulivi can be reached from various marked paths, which start from Castelletto di Brenzone, Marniga (the most direct from the lakeside), Magugnano and Cassone di Malcesine. You can also get off from Prada Alta.

We recommend the entrance to the path that starts from Fasor (a tiny hamlet of Brenzone sul Garda which is located on the road that connects the Gardesana state road to San Zeno di Montagna). You can park in Biaza (a hamlet preceding that of Fasor) or along Via Pasola (which is the road that leads to Biaza and Fasor) and walk for about 35 minutes. The path is suitable for everyone, with slight ups and downs with a short climb in the last outward stretch.
For the return we recommend the use of flashlights because the path is dark.

Events, parties and shows 2024

Sunday 24 March 2024: DANTE SUL BENÀCO: “The Divine Comedy among the olive trees”.

On the occasion of Dantedì 2024, the Teatro degli Ulivi is pleased to open its series by presenting DANTE SUL BENÀCO: “The Divine Comedy among the olive trees”.
On the day dedicated to the great poet Dante Alighieri, the master of words returns to the shores of Benàco, the lake immortalized in the XX canto of the Inferno: “In beautiful Italy lies a lake, / at the foot of the Alp that encloses Lamagna / above Tiralli, its name is Benaco”.
From the olive tree setting of the evocative Campo degli Ulivi Theatre, which extends towards the lake, the public is invited to embark on a journey into the universe of the Divine Comedy. We will start from the infernal kitchen of the Malebolge, populated by the twelve devils-scullions of Satan, to go up the slopes of the mountain of Purgatory, among Dante’s invectives against a servile and sold Italy, until we immerse ourselves in the light of Paradise, elevated by the smile and by Beatrice’s loving gaze.
Alessandro Anderloni, author of this new narrative taken from the Divine Comedy, will give voice to Dante’s songs, interpreting them from memory. The music of Mauro Ottolini on trombone, Fausto Beccalossi on accordion and Giulio Corini on double bass will accompany the journey, intertwining the sounds of jazz with those evoked by Dante’s hendecasyllables. A musical counterpoint that will follow the triplets of the Comedy, alternating the grotesque of Hell, the invectives of Purgatory and the symphony of light and sound of Paradise.
A unique and evocative experience that blends art, music and poetry, to celebrate the genius of Dante Alighieri in a magical and evocative context such as that of the Campo degli Ulivi Theater on the banks of the Benàco.

Monday 1 April 2024: BIVOUAC at the TEATRO DEGLI ULIVI

Traditional Easter Monday picnic in Campo di Brenzone with pasta and sardines, eggs, sandwiches and the music of the acoustic duo J.C.Cinel and Davide Dabusti.

Sunday 14 April 2024: CAMPO 10 SECOLI AND MMW24 (Music Mordic Walking)

We celebrate 1000 years of the village of Campo with a suggestive walk among the olive trees that will lead us through the centuries, reliving the past of this enchanting location.
The atmosphere will be permeated with music that will resonate within the ancient walls. It will be a journey through time that will transport us back to the last century, where characteristic characters, period clothing and traditional crafts will give life to a vivid panorama of Campo’s past. Along the way, participants will be able to savor traditional cuisine delicacies. This experience is designed to involve people of all ages, offering a unique opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the historical richness and
cultural heritage of Campo.

Saturday 4 May 2024: “STOP TIME” by Matteo Lucca

New contemporary art exhibition freely open to the public. From May 2024 the first exhibition of “Setting Art” to dialogue with the territory in a creative and green way.

Sunday 26 May 2024: SNACK IN THE OLIVE GROVE

There will be an oil tasting, workshops and games for children, and the magnificent performance of the BRASS ENSEMBLE CITTA’ DI NOVESE directed by Maestro Cristiano de Agnoi, and the participation of the “Our Dream” Majorettes Nove ballet company.

Sunday 4 August 2024: Waiting for MAGICAL NIGHTS

An evocative musical concert will be held on the sailing ship CIRCE which will sail the entire shore of Brenzone sul Garda.

From Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th August: NOTTI MAGICHE IN CAMPO

4 evenings of music and performances under the stars, with great artists who vary every year. The village of Campo will be magically illuminated by multicolored lights and the atmosphere will be unforgettable!

Furthermore there will be many other events, which for the moment are still being defined: jazz September, godfathers’ festival, harvest festival in October/November. Stay tuned!

Where and how to book and buy tickets

Tickets for the shows can be purchased directly on site on the evening of the event, but we remind you that on many occasions advance booking is recommended. To receive further information or book entrances you can contact:

Cell. & WhatsApp 329 7477169

I conclude by confiding in you that this beautiful Teatro degli Ulivi was born with love and for love; by people who, like Ora and Peler, are fresh wind that caresses the authenticity and uniqueness of this small dot on the map, called Campo.

See you soon dear Outdoors!
Silvia Turazza – Garda Outdoors editorial team

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