Tulipanomania in Bardolino: the lakefront is colored with 50,000 tulips!

An event of international appeal that sees 50,000 tulips bloom along the beautiful flowerbeds along the lakefront of Bardolino. Look out for all varieties!

Since 2016, spring in Bardolino has become an event of international appeal, thanks to the collaboration with the Sigurtà Garden Park which plants 50 thousand tulips along the beautiful flowerbeds of the lakeside.

There are many varieties of tulips and bulbous flowers that can be admired along the entire lakefront of Bardolino (from Mirabello beach on the Roma lakefront to Punta Cornicello and Lungolago Preite), but also in the hamlets of Cisano and Calmasino: from Holland Queen (yellow-red), the Toyota (red-white), the Menton (pink), the Apricot Parrot (Orange White) without forgetting the Belicia (white double pink), the Labrador (fuchsia red) or the Dordogne (orange). A diversity of colors ranging from black (Black Hero), fuchsia pink (Sunset tropical), dark purple (Negrita), Banja Luka with yellow flowers mottled with red. Then we have the Great Barrier Reef (blue), the Louvre Orange (orange), the Family Van Eijk Mix (red), the Dutch Romance (blue), the Dream Carpet (white) or the Keukenhof (red and blue).
Look for them all!

What is Tulipanomania?

Tulipanomania is a Tulip Festival promoted by the Sigurtà Garden Park (multi-awarded as the most beautiful park in Italy and Europe) which every year in spring sees as many as 1 million tulips blossom inside. An exciting show for the soul and the eyes.

Thanks to this initiative, Bardolino is the most beautiful flower village in Italy, contributing to the recognition of the Tulipanomania of the Sigurtà Garden Park as the Best Tulip Festival in the world 2022.

When do tulips bloom in Bardolino?

That’s a question that needs a crystal ball! Indicatively, the first blooms begin to be seen in late March-early April, which then continue throughout the month of April. It depends on the temperatures and rainfall.
For more precise information, you can contact our editorial staff or take a look at the webcam.

Dear Outdoors, add a nice trip to Bardolino to your spring “wish-list”, this show in the sunlight is free and is good for the heart!
Silvia Turazza – Garda Outdoors editorial staff

Silvia Turazza

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