The five reasons for Broccolo di Torbole

Broccolo from Torbole, so called because it is produced in a small area between Torbole and Linfano. Slow Food Presidium, it is harvested between November and February

​​ n.1 – Broccolo from Torbole is found!

It is small and would almost go unnoticed, since it is produced in limited quantities. But broccolo di Torbole has grit, so called because it is produced in a small area between Torbole and Linfano.

Today Slow Food Presidium , it is harvested a few kilometers from the Trentino mountains and is at the center of an enhancement action, promoted by the association dedicated to him which in three years has increased the number of plants 20,000 to 100,000.

We therefore have good hopes of finding it and tasting it. “Not only is it on sale in the area at five producers “, explains Mario Moscato, president of the Slow Food convivium for Alto Garda and Val Lagarina, “but it can also be tasted in original recipes on the menus of about thirty restaurateurs between Val Lagarina and Alto Garda”.

broccolo di torbole
Broccolo di Torbole

2 – His personality convinces.

Broccoli from Torbole is part of the large cabbage-broccoli family but like Brassica oleracea Botrytis it has a reputation in itself as it constitutes a particular ecotype.

It is characterized by having a yellowish inflorescence that could develop yellow flowers – if not promptly harvested to satisfy our appetite.

It weighs up to 500 grams , so it is not a giant, but it has long inner greenish leaves that can be eaten with satisfaction.

Its development benefits in an all-encompassing way from the Ora and Peler breezes which avoid the formation of frost which would be harmful on the inflorescences (which in dialect are called brocole ).

Broccolo di Torbole

Born from precious seeds that are handed down from family to family, grows joyfully in the lake breezes , it only requires water and a little fertilizer. And he is so convinced that his seeds are being studied by technicians from the Agricultural Institute of San Michele all’Adige.

3 – But taste convinces more .

What is striking in the tasting phase is that it is sweeter than we would have expected. And during cooking it does not develop unpleasant odors. The restaurateurs have indulged in numerous recipes.

Death of him is crunchy or in creams perhaps combined with béchamel for an endless marriage between dark cheeses and its aforementioned sweetness. He broadens the possibilities of expression: boiled or chunks with salted meat or salted lake fish

But also in pasta, to flavor sauces. With the leaves you can make gnocchi or soups. In short, there is no shortage of imagination on the Alto Garda.

4 – It is a concentrate of health.

Let’s not forget who we are dealing with. It may be small but it is part of the renowned broccoli family, rich in invaluable mineral salts such as calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium and vitamins with antioxidant functions.

The rumors that attribute to broccoli anticancer properties are not talk: thanks to sulforaphane, which plays a preventive role on the growth of cancer cells.

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