The best vegan restaurants on Lake Garda with Verona, Brescia, Mantua and Trento – 2024 Edition

In this article, we'll dive into the best vegan restaurants that dot the lake and its cities, discovering creative dishes and unique flavors that celebrate this cuisine.

Exploring Lake Garda is a compelling culinary experience, and for those who embrace a vegan lifestyle, the gastronomic options are as surprising as they are delicious.
In this article, we’ll dive into the best vegan restaurants that dot the lake and its cities, discovering creative dishes and unique flavors that celebrate this cuisine.
In any case, we remind you that in the Garda area more and more restaurants have various menus with vegan and vegetarian options, therefore it is not difficult to explore towns and cities and find many vegan friendly places.

The best vegan restaurants on the shores of Lake Garda.

OFFICINA VERDE vegetable cuisine (Località San Giacomo 6 – Riva del Garda – Trento) Tel. +39 0464 791 012
Vegan, colourful, tasty and imaginative menus. All the dishes are very well prepared and there is excellent service.

PACHAMAMA bio restaurant (Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci 7 – Salò – Brescia) Tel. +39 0365 186 3333
Excellent vegan dishes in the heart of Salò, refined cuisine, well-selected wines. The desserts are worth a try.

DESENZANINO pizza restaurant (Lungolago Cesare Battisti 91 – Desenzano del Garda – Brescia) Tel. +39 030 9128096
This pizza restaurant, with a super lake view, also has a rich vegan menu that ranges from first courses to pizzas and desserts.

FELIZ CAFÈ organic café (Via Milano 29 – Peschiera del Garda – Verona) Tel. +39 347 176 0790
As the name says, a happy and welcoming place for tasty vegan breakfasts and excellent vegan and vegetarian lunches.

The best vegan restaurants in Verona.

LA LANTERNA – organic vegan restaurant (Piazzetta Portichetti 6 – Verona) Tel. +39 045 594 929
Defined as the best in the city, here you will find a wide choice of traditional Italian dishes, revisited in a vegan key. Also save a place for dessert because they are all delicious.

FLORA eat different (Stradone Maffei 8c – Verona) Tel. +39 045 800 6300
Here the menu is completely gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan. At lunch you will find the weight buffet formula, which helps to limit waste and allows you to taste many different things. In the evening, however, there is a delicious à la carte menu.

FLOWER BURGER (Corso Porta Nuova 87 – Verona) Tel. +39 045 221 5958
The famous veganburgheria born in Milan is now also located in Verona. You will find exquisite vegan burgers wrapped in colorful buns.

DULCAMARA vegan organic bistro (Via Francesco Berni 7 – Verona) Tel. + 39 045 258 6258
A café with gastronomy, for sweet and savory breaks, all vegan. Here the breakfasts are simply unsurpassed, with amazing desserts, croissants and cupcakes.

The best vegan restaurants in Brescia.

L’ARCOBALENO vegetarian restaurant (Via Luzzago 6/B – Brescia) Tel. +39 0303751043
Informal and intimate restaurant. The menu changes often, following seasonality, and offers various vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes.

CAPRE E CAVOLI bar bistro with vegan cuisine (Via Moretto 61/D – Brescia) Tel. +39 030 81 61 095
A simple and informal place but full of taste and a lot of variety of vegan dishes. Excellent value for money.

SHAKTI FOOD (Via Sostegno 80 – Brescia) Tel. +39 329 726 5657
Vegan and vegetarian cuisine immersed in an oriental atmosphere, which also infects the flavors and aromas of the excellent dishes served.

The best vegan restaurants in Trento.

SOPRA LA PANCA vegan bistro (Via dei Solteri 18/A – Trento) Tel. +39 0461 420 112 – +39 347 739 4052
Taste and quality of healthy, organic and sustainable food, all according to season. Vast choice of starters, first and second courses, side dishes, sandwiches and extracts. The dishes of the day rotate according to the availability of the best organic raw material available. Strictly organic coffee, drinks and extracts.

BLACK SHEEP RAW vegan lab & bistrot (Via Rodolfo Belenzani 52 – Trento) Tel. +39 351 737 4943
Shop and bistro open for lunches, snacks and aperitifs. You can also find takeaway dishes.

VEG.POINT (Via Alberè 22 – Tenna – Trento) Tel. +39 0461 700149
Born from the passion of the extroverted and imaginative chef Franco, who loves to entertain the restaurant’s guests by explaining the contents and preparation of his dishes, the Veg Point is a cornerstone of Trentino vegetarian cuisine.

The best vegan restaurants in Mantua.

PAPACQUA biobar and restaurant (Via Daino – Mantua) Tel. +39 0376 364 636
Conscious nutrition, in a vegetarian, vegan and balanced way. Single vegan and vegetarian dishes with flavors from all over the world, from Europe to the East, with particular attention to the use of cereals and vegetables based on the season, as a lifestyle.

PRATO LAMBERTO farmhouse (Via Roma 72 – Montanara di Curtatone – Mantua) Tel. 037649850
You can also find some of the typical dishes from Mantua and beyond, in a vegan way.

With the hope that your journey through the best vegan restaurants on Lake Garda can be an experience of unparalleled flavours; but also a wonderful discovery for those who want to approach the pleasure of food that is both tasty and kind to the planet.
Bon appetit dear Outdoors!
Silvia Turazza – Garda Outdoors editorial team

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