The best places to have an Aperitif in the West area of Lake Garda.

A list of the best places to have an aperitif in Brescia and its province, to satisfy all tastes!

After having explored the East shore of Lake Garda (click here for the aperitifs in the East, North and South area), we head West, between Salò and Limone, passing through the hinterland of Brescia. We know that you are ready to discover new places to try for a good Aperitif in the West area of Lake Garda!

Cantina delle streghe (Via Gardesana, 56, 25077 Roé BS – Tel. 338 972 1019)

Let’s start this journey to discover the best places to have an aperitif in the West area of Lake Garda from Cantina delle Streghe, a place that offers an aperitif with all the trimmings; the various cocktails are accompanied by appetizers, cold cuts and excellent fried foods, all with very generous portions … you will not leave hungry and unsatisfied!

Cocktail Bar Ventiquattro (Via Europa, 2, 25087 Cunettone-villa BS – Tel. 351 778 4195)

Cocktail bar Ventiquattro is a small place that offers particular and refined cocktails accompanied by an original menu … all surrounded by a vintage-style atmosphere!

Cantina TREVISANI (Via Galuzzo, 2, 25085 Soprazocco, Gavardo BS – Tel. 329 807 1694)

Not far from Salò, in Soprazocco, we find Cantina Trevisani, a place that offers excellent wines accompanied by platters of cold cuts and cheeses, overlooking the splendid Lake Garda!

Conti Thun (Via Masserino, 2, 25080 Puegnago sul Garda BS – Tel. 0365 651757)

Surrounded by greenery and vineyards, Conti Thun is a rustic and refined place that offers excellent wine tastings accompanied by cold cuts, quality cheeses and excellent focaccia!

Luta’s Sapore Divino Wine Bar & Food (Via Gerolamo Fantoni ,31, 25087 Salò BS – Tel. 351 087 4894)

Arriving in Salò, we meet Luta’s Sapore Divino Wine Bar & Food, a place where you can enjoy excellent wine accompanied by platters of cold cuts, cheeses and jams, as well as fried gnocchi, tigelle and Roman pinse!

Seconda Bolla (Piazza Caduti, 20, 25089 Villanuova Sul Clisi BS – Tel. 331 725 1758)

Moving away from the center of Salò, we find Seconda Bolla, a newly opened place, which offers the opportunity to enjoy aperitifs and excellent wine, accompanied by appetizers!

Enoteca California (Via G. B, Via Cipani Gian Battista, 23, 25083 Gardone Riviera BS – Tel. 320 056 5753)

In Gardone Riviera we find Enoteca California, a place that offers excellent wines, spritzes and beers accompanied by cold cuts and snacks .. a perfect place for a good glass of wine with a splendid view of Lake Garda!

IRMA (Corso della Repubblica, 31, 25083 Gardone Riviera BS – Tel. 346 660 3476)

In Gardone Riviera we also find IRMA, a comfortable, quiet and design place that in addition to really special aperitifs offers abundant appetizers .. there is an Apericena menu, to try!

Al Folle (Via Roma, 4, 25088 Toscolano Maderno BS – Tel. 346 352 0029)

Moving to Toscolano Maderno we find Al Folle, an informal place that offers excellent cocktails and beers accompanied by appetizers, cold cuts, cheeses and excellent focaccias!

Carta Bianca – Bar Food and Drink (Via Roma, 36, 25088 Toscolano Maderno BS – Tel. 366 348 5801)

In the spectacular bay of Toscolano Maderno, the Carta Bianca – Bar Food and Drink is a relaxing place on the shores of Lake Garda that offers Aperitifs accompanied by a large quantity of appetizers … for a relaxing aperitif with a view of the lake, away from traffic and from cars!

Bar Enoteca “Le Scalì” (Via San Marco, 1 Tignale , BS – Tel. 380 708 8375)

Located in Piovere, a village overlooking the entire Lake Garda, Bar Enoteca Le Scalì is a place that offers excellent wine tastings and aperitifs accompanied by platters of cold cuts and cheeses!

3Mùzen (Via Benaco, 1, 25010 Tremosine BS – Tel. 0365 388102)

In Tremosine, we find 3Mùzen, a place with a breathtaking view that offers excellent aperitifs accompanied by appetizers, sandwiches and platters of cold cuts and cheeses!

Aperivino Bar Enoteca (Via Crocifissa di Rosa, 36, 25128 Brescia BS – Tel. 349 523 3163)

Once in Brescia, we find Aperivino Bar Enoteca, a small place that offers excellent aperitifs and a refined selection of wines accompanied by rich platters of local cold cuts and cheeses … all accompanied by a dose of friendliness and kindness from the owner!

Marchino (Via Trieste, 36A, 25121 Brescia BS – Tel. 339 882 3614)

Also in Brescia, the Marchino is a place with a warm and well-kept atmosphere that offers a wide choice of wines and cocktails accompanied by excellent quality cold cuts and cheeses … try to believe!

ZAK LOUNGE BAR (Via S. Faustino, 62, 25122 Brescia BS – Tel. 327 868 1185)

Zak Lounge Bar is a truly unusual place in Brescia, among the many offers it offers the opportunity to participate in challenges organized at the time of the aperitif, such as the Pirlo Challenge which offers affordable prices as the number of Spritz consumed and excellent cutting boards increase of cold cuts and cheeses!

Terrazza Triclinium (Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 25, 25014 Castenedolo BS – Tel. 338 290 0995)

Last but not least, Terrazza Triclinium, is a place with a wonderful outdoor terrace that offers excellent cocktails accompanied by appetizers and gourmet pizzas!

For the West shore of Lake Garda, (which we remember includes Brescia and the Brescia side of Lake Garda) the best places to have an aperitif are over … as always, if you have any suggestions, new bars / wine bars from discover and try, questions about your holiday on Lake Garda, do not hesitate to contact us by commenting on this article or writing on our social channels (InstagramFacebookTwitterTikTok), we are always available to help you.

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