Trento Doc: the sparkling wine of Lake Garda on the slopes of the Dolomites.

Trento DOC is a high quality sparkling wine produced in the region between Lake Garda and the Dolomites. Exploring its hills and savoring its charm is an unforgettable wine experience.

Trento DOC is one of the treasures of Italian oenology. A bottle of this sparkling wine can tell a thousand-year-old story of tradition, culture and passion that has deep roots in the Trentino region.

The origin of Trento DOC dates back to 1902, when Giulio Ferrari founded his winery and began experimenting with the production of high quality sparkling wine using Chardonnay grapes. Thanks to his vision and tenacity, Ferrari succeeded in creating a unique product that could compete with the best French sparkling wines.

In the years that followed, Trento DOC consolidated its position of excellence on the Italian wine scene, becoming a symbol of quality and refinement. Today, Trento DOC is produced by numerous wineries in the region, which use Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco grapes according to a rigorous and artisanal methodology.

The production of Trento DOC is in fact characterised by a long and complex vinification process that involves a second fermentation in the bottle and maturation on the lees for at least 15 months for an unvintage, 24 months for the vintage and up to 36 months for the Riserva. This technique, known as the ‘classic method’, produces an elegant, aromatic and well-structured sparkling wine.

The Trento DOC production area is located in the province of Trento, in Trentino-Alto Adige, a mountainous region in northern Italy. In particular, the production area extends on the hillsides surrounding the city of Trento, at an altitude ranging from 200 to 800 metres above sea level.
This production area is characterised by a cool and ventilated climate, with temperature variations between day and night that favour a slow and gradual ripening of the grapes. The soil is of alluvial origin, with a high percentage of skeleton, which favours good drainage and excellent ripening of the grapes.

The grapes used for the production of Trento DOC are mainly Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco, which are grown according to sustainable farming techniques and with great respect for the environment. The production of Trento DOC is regulated by a very strict set of rules, which stipulates a series of quality and production requirements to guarantee the excellence of the product.

Trento DOC has received numerous prizes and awards at national and international level, becoming a flagship of Italian oenology. But it is not only a product of excellence: it is also a manifestation of Trentino culture and tradition, which has deep roots in the land and its inhabitants.

Wine tourism on Lake Garda.

Wine tourism on Lake Garda is in fact one of the most evocative and involving experiences one can have. Visiting wine cellars, tasting wines, and discovering the history and culture of this area is an unforgettable experience that allows you to get in touch with the beauty and authenticity of this region.
You can also visit the area thanks to the many trekking routes that cross the Trento DOC vineyards and the surrounding hills. 
Here are some examples:

The Wine and Flavour Trail.

This route crosses the vineyards of Maso Martis, one of the most famous wineries in the Trento DOC area. It offers splendid panoramic views of the vineyards and the surrounding valley and includes several gastronomic stops where you can taste local products and Trentino wines.

The Drena Castle Trail.

This route winds through the vineyards and the ancient walls of Drena Castle, offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and the Sarca Valley. The route is also suitable for children and includes several picnic areas where you can take a break and admire the landscape.

The route through the vineyards of Villa Margon.

This route offers a magnificent food and wine experience through the evocative vineyards of the Ferrari estate. The route also leads to Villa Margon, one of the most important mansions built in the 16th century in the vicinity of Trento.

These are just a few examples of trekking routes through the Trento DOC vineyards. The area offers many other excursion and trekking possibilities suitable for all levels of experience.

Lake Garda is also famous for its many wineries and wine producers, who offer tastings and guided tours of their vineyards. Wines of the highest quality are produced in the Lake Garda area, including Amarone, Valpolicella Superiore, Lugana, Soave, Chiaretto, the wines of Valtenesi, and Custoza.

If you are passionate about wine and culture, you cannot miss a trip to discover Trento Doc and all that it represents. A treasure to be discovered and enjoyed, which will give you unique and unforgettable emotions.

Walter Sestili

Destination Marketing manager since 1998, in love with Lake Garda and its opportunities. For these reasons Garda Outdoors was born, a meeting place where the passion for this territory meets the tourist's curiosity to visit and discover the beauties of the most beautiful and largest of the Italian lakes.