Lake Garda lives on Garda Outdoors: this is our project.

Garda Outdoors is an editorial and commercial project, online since 2014, created for the global tourism promotion of Lake Garda and its cities (Mantua, Trento, Verona and Brescia) and for the promo-marketing of all local activities, becoming an All in One tool in the hands of tourists who want to organize their experiential vacation by finding all the information well organized in a single portal.

We give international visibility to all operators in the tourism sector, true pearls of the territory, with 5 macro marketplace categories as follows: where to sleep, where to eat, shopping & food, experience, wedding & events (nearing completion), which contain the excellence and the uniqueness of the global offer of the whole territory in a simple and intuitive click translated into Italian, English and German.

We have also implemented an online photographic catalog available to accommodation facilities and businesses, to be used to enrich their websites and social channels with a small monthly subscription, which thus makes high-quality images usable for all to effectively promote all the beauty of this. territory. In fact, there is talk of a territory capable of registering over 6.7 million annual arrivals and 25.7 million presences of which over 22 million only along its coasts, which make it of primary importance at national level.

Garda Outdoors always looks to the future: we have started to launch and promote responsible and sustainable tourism to reduce the Co2 emissions produced by tourists on holiday on Lake Garda, through virtuous compensation actions, which will soon make it the first Italian tourist area with tourists with zero impact on the climate.

Garda Outdoors is also present daily and without breaks on the main social networks with 100,000 followers (InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterestTikTokLinkedInYouTube). We have over 500,000 monthly views on social networks with more than 150,000 interactions, 50,000 newsletters sent each month to our subscribers and 30,000 monthly visits to the web portal.

It is a project that is always in motion, like the waves and winds of the lake. It is a dream that wants to grow and show the world all the uniqueness that this territory contains.

Behind all this two people, two friends, two partners:

Walter Francesco Sestili, creator and founder of the project, born in the first place to combine his passion for the lake with his work. For over 20 years he has been the owner and manager of his tourism communication and marketing agency, specializing in the enhancement and marketing of hospitality in the Garda area.

Silvia Turazza, co-founder, graduated in Public Relations and Communication at the IULM University of Milan, after various marketing work experiences at Pellini Caffè S.p.A. and Vicenzi Biscotti S.p.A. as brand manager, he joined Garda Outdoors as Public Relation manager and product development.

“How I wish my friends were here for a moment and could enjoy the view in front of me!”. – J.W. Goethe, visiting Torbole sul Garda.