The Toblino Lake and Toblino Castle.

A few kilometers from Lake Garda in Trentino is the spectacular Lake of Toblino with its homonymous Castle. Let's find out together!

The Lago di Toblino is a small alpine lake located in Trentino at 245 m above sea level, surrounded by a beautiful walk along a lush reeds e dominated by the homonymous Castel Toblino .

A romantic landscape that offers truly suggestive glimpses of its stretch of water and the panorama that embraces it.

The walk around its banks is easy, totally flat and suitable for everyone.

Lake Toblino is also a refuge for migratory birds and many fish species. Furthermore, it is in a singular condition, from the climatic point of view: while the nearby mountains show the typical characteristics of the alpine areas, in the valley floor the action of the lake and the last offshoots of the mild Garda climate allow the development of Mediterranean species. For this reason, the Lago di Toblino Biotope has been protected since 1992.

Castel Toblino.

Castel Toblino is one of the most famous castles in Trentino and owes its fame to the singular position and the beautiful environment that surrounds it. It was born on a rocky spur detached from the mountain above and ended up in the lake. Over the years the water level dropped and is now connected to the shore as a peninsula.

The first construction that arose was a small temple dedicated to the cult of fairies who resided on the island: a small plaque in the portico of the castle certifies its historicity. Subsequently, a fortification with a military – strategic function was erected, due to the presence of the important road junction that connects Trento to the Sarca valleys. What we admire today, however, is the result of the rebuilding commissioned by Bernardo Clesio in the sixteenth century: the manor was transformed into a residence much appreciated by the bishop princes of Trento and in particular by the Madruzzo. It became one of the best-known lake fortifications not only in the Valle dei Laghi but in the entire region.
The large crenellated walls that surround the entire complex and the large park around the residence add an additional distinctive character. Castel Toblino is currently private property.

It is possible to eat in its charming restaurant surrounded by history. ( – Tel. +39.0461.86.40.36 – Cell. +39.347.11.75.949).
It is also possible to visit it or stay overnight in the characteristic lodgings created within the walls, upon reservation, by referring to the website or at no. +39.347.82.60.222.

How to get to Lake Toblino and Castel Toblino?

From Trento, it takes about twenty minutes to to reach Lake Toblino by car. Just take the SS45bis towards Riva del Garda. Once on site, you will find a convenient parking along the road on the mountain side and in some recess of the lake.

Same thing for those arriving from Riva del Garda: you have to take the SS45bis towards Trento. You will reach your destination in about 25 minutes by car.

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