Busatte – Tempesta panoramic path: the stairways overlooking Lake Garda.

Busatte - Tempesta Path on Lake Garda, the trip idea that everyone agrees: sportsmen, photographers, sun and relaxation lovers!

WARNING: unfortunately we inform you that the Busatte – Tempesta panoramic path is still closed and will not open any time soon. Following the landslide that occurred last November, it was closed and the authorities, after all the checks, have ruled that important safety works are needed. We will keep you posted.

Why absolutely go?

A breathtaking panorama that stretches from the lower lake along the entire Brescia side to Torbole sul Garda .

But the main feature of this route, (of about 300 m in altitude over 8 km round trip for about 3 hours overall of walk) is the presence of 3 stairways in steel overhanging , which pass over woods and olive groves anchored to the living rock. Walking on them is really exciting and fun.

The stairs are made up of a total of 400 steps which, when climbed non-stop like Rocky Balboa on top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, count as a great workout in the gym!

Busatte – Tempesta Path: where it’s best to start.

One thing that you will not find easily in the sites that talk about Busatte – Tempesta is this precious advice: starting from the Busatte Park (in Torbole sul Garda – TN) or from the hamlet of Tempesta (TN)?

I recommend starting from Tempesta. Unfortunately the car park, next to the Gardesana state road, is for a few cars (so you have to arrive early, especially on high season weekends) but you will have two advantages:

  • the outward journey will be mostly uphill , including the 3 famous stairways (so the return will be less tiring, especially for those who will stop for lunch and nap in the sun before returning ). Shortly after the start of the path you will also find, on the right, a fountain with drinking water to fill the water bottles and cool off on the way back before getting back in the car.
  • at the Busatte park there is a beautiful refreshment point to break up the day between the round trip. There is also a huge free lawn where you can have a picnic or a packed lunch.

Busatte – Tempesta Path: when it’s better to go.

The route is accessible and beautiful in every season , with its colors and changing vegetation.

Surely in the middle of winter you risk finding ice (especially since the east coast is the one that stays in the shade for the longest in the morning), but it is undoubtedly the season that offers the most incredible sunsets. The clear air eliminates the haze and the sky, if you’re lucky, gets on fire.

Is the Busatte – Tempesta path suitable for children too?

Scorcio del parco Busatte Adventure.

Yes, the Busatte – Tempesta trail is also suitable for children. The stairs have very high parapets. Smaller children simply have to be accompanied by the hand. They are also quite narrow and therefore it is not possible to carry strollers.

At the Busatte park there is a small playground with a slide and swings. On the large lawn you can play and run freely, there is plenty of space.

There is also an Adventure Park with various educational activities to have fun in the midst of nature.

For parents of very young children, I recommend starting from the Busatte park. In addition to the convenience of parking and the refreshment area next to the car, you will only reach the first staircase after about twenty minutes. In case of need you will return faster.

Tips for photographers and videomakers.

The most panoramic scale for making time-lapses, photographs and videos is undoubtedly the second. The longest.

The sun rises from behind the mountains, so the light on the path does not arrive very early in the morning (especially in winter). Then it sets behind the mountains of the opposite coast, creating beautiful and always different plays of light. A “new painting” every evening. To walk as little as possible with the weight of the equipment, I recommend starting from Parco delle Busatte (there is less road to reach the stairs).

I’ll leave you with a quote from Gary Snyder: “Nature is not a place to visit. It is our home ”.

Let’s remember the respect we must reserve for it, let’s learn to collect litter and bottles not ours if we find them on the street, but above all an appeal to smokers: do not leave your cigarette butts on the ground. It is as if you put them out on the scalp of a living being. Remember that.

See you next time dear Outdoors!

Silvia Turazza – Garda Outdoors editorial staff

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