Climbing on Lake Garda.

Introductory guide to lake view climbing, events and connected cities. Find all the information in this article!

Lake Garda is recognized throughout Europe as a sports climbing paradise. This fame is certainly due to the hundreds of routes of all difficulty levels; from beginners to the most experienced, here everyone can find the wall that best suits their characteristics.
Moreover, Lake Garda, thanks to its mild climate, allows climbing throughout the year! The walls are perfectly equipped and allow you to climb and exercise in complete safety.
Another peculiarity of these itineraries is their proximity to the lake and the breathtaking view they offer during the ascent.

Arco, the world climbing capital.

The beautiful town of Arco , pearl of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, is the beating heart of the hundreds of climbing routes that surround the Sarca Valley; with its famous Castle, elegant buildings and lively alleys full of excellent clubs and shops for sportswear and technical equipment (for Shopping & amp; Food on Lake Garda click here ).

Rock Master Festival.

There is a single event in the world that for over three decades has seen the best climbers in the world compete in a mix of great sport and entertainment: the RockMaster of Arco (TN).

All the great world champions have raised the prestigious trophy to the sky, applauded by the public who unfailingly crowd the lawn at the foot of the large overhanging wall, which has become a icon of world climbing . The RockMaster year after year always offers spectacular competition formulas, and for some years it has foreseen two events: the Ko Boulder Contest and the RockMaster Duel. Both reserved for a small circle of top climbers, invited on the basis of the permanent world ranking.

Rock Master Duel.

Since 2015, the Rock Master trophy has been awarded with the Duel, the exclusive competition that animates the final of the Festival. Two athletes on two very high difficulty courses (7c-8a) equal and parallel, challenge each other to get to the top first. Whoever arrives first eliminates the other until the final. A duel to the last grip and to the last breath. Entertainment guaranteed!

In the video of the world champion Adam Ondra you can see the final of 2019:

Learning to climb on Lake Garda.

Lake Garda is a natural training ground ideal for learning to climb. Even children can take up this sport by attending a basic course to learn the technique in total safety. Climbing is a sport that trains the mind: it means setting goals and striving to achieve them. It means absolute concentration and the ability to free yourself from all thoughts. An excellent anti-stress that leads to the conquest of the body in space. Pure energy!

At Lake Garda there are many cliffs suitable for starting to learn, first of all the Family di San Martino (Arco – TN) or the Massi di Gaggiolo (TN). Then we can include the Belvedere (Nago – TN), the Corno di Bò (between Malcesine and Torbole sul Garda – TN), the Maroc di Cassone (Malcesine – VR); and the Muro dell’Asino (Laghel – TN).

If you want to start approaching climbing you can contact Arco Climbing or Arco Mountain Guide and … have fun!

Then there are rock gyms such as the King Rock in Verona and the New Rock in Brescia, where you can train all year round and also introduce children to climbing. In particular, King Rock is one of the largest indoor climbing structures in Europe. There you will find, in addition to the classic equipped walls, also a boulder area; spaces specially designed for children and a large slide. The structure, powered by a photovoltaic system, also includes a gym, a bar and a climbing shop.

Cliffs and climbing-routes on Lake Garda.

On Cliffs and Alpine Routes we leave the word to specialized sites that indicate all the routes with the relative technical notes, among which you can consult: GardaClimbing.

Deep Water Soloing.

In Garda Trentino, where water and rock come together to create a unique environment, nature has created perfect areas for Deep Water Soloing, that is, climbing without ropes on the walls overlooking the water. We can find the Serenella cliff of Riva del Garda (TN): a spectacular crossing on the water, about 300 m long, with difficulty between 5c and 6c, easily reachable by lake.

The whole area may be subject to falling stones from the rocky walls above, it is isolated and in the event of an accident it can be difficult to alert. It is advisable to bring a life jacket and provide a support boat (many use pedal boats that can be rented in the center of Riva del Garda). We also suggest that you contact one of the numerous Alpine Guides in the area who also organize climbing arriving in canoe .

Finally a video with a short introduction on the history of climbing on Lake Garda and the ascent from Spiaggia delle Lucertole (Torbole sul Garda – TN):

We hope that this short introductory guide to climbing on Lake Garda has tickled your curiosity as both beginners and experienced climbers. Climbing is an incredible world made up of great sportsmen and mutual help .

See you next time dear Outdoors!

Silvia Turazza – Garda Outdoors editorial staff

Silvia Turazza

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