Discovering Lake Garda by Trike: the 3-wheeled motorcycle that conquers everyone!

Let's open the doors to the magnificent world of Trike!

Combining the beauty of the Garda landscape with an experience of driving an uncommon vehicle certainly represents the ideal way to fully experience the day and bring home many new emotions.

In this article we propose you to try the fantastic Trike: a motorcycle equipped with two rear wheels and one front, which can carry up to 3 people.

Introduction to the Trike.

This is a motorized vehicle (halfway between a motorcycle and a convertible car), of American origin. In Germany it was manufactured after 1979, with the collaboration of the one who is considered a true pioneer of the Trike: Dietrich Fecht, and began to circulate on the roads after that date. Viewed from the front this vehicle is very similar to a Chopper; the directionality of the rear wheel is managed by a fork.
The original version of the Trike had the construction of the rear axle, as well as the engine, derived from the VW Beetle, which still remains among the favorites in the most varied displacements 1200, 1300, 1600…

Trikes are favored over motorcycles by a number of people. One of the reasons is certainly the greater comfort of its seat compared to that of a motorcycle. In addition, Trikes are also safer and more stable on the road than normal motorized two-wheelers.
Finally, the Trikes are divided into 4 categories: Highway, Touring, Chopper (all with two tandem seats), and Family approved instead for the transport of 3 people.

Who can ride the Trike.

You drive safely with a category B license (in compliance with the regulations in force on national licenses). As in motorcycles, also for Trikes it is mandatory to wear a helmet.

Can children also get on the Trike?

Certainly. The minimum requirements for boarding as passengers are 5 years of age and 110 cm in height.

Why rent the Trike?

Because the possibility of riding them is not so frequent, because they are more stable and safer than a normal motorcycle, because they can climb up to 3 people at the same time without losing the magical sensations of being in motion.
Passengers travel in maximum comfort, in real seats; while the driver has fun like a real motorcyclist!
It is a fun and alternative way to spend time with family or friends, to celebrate some special occasion, to take a nice tour to discover the area with a 360° view.
Trikes combine the charm of a Harley Davidson with informal elegance, they bring their bright colors, folklore, joy to the streets … but above all the smiles of the people who feel like real protagonists up there!

Where to rent the Trike on Lake Garda.

In Lazise (VR) there is a splendid rental to experience the thrill of these vehicles: click here for DUETI GARAGE Trike rental & tours. The intensity of this experience will give you unique emotions!

See you next time dear Outdoors!

Silvia Turazza – Garda Outdoors editorial staff

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