Rovereto, a city suspended between art, culture and nature.

An exhaustive description of the city of Rovereto and Vallagarina, with advice on what to do based on your interests!

Located between Verona and Trento, very close to Lake Garda, the city of Rovereto offers a wide range of experiences, activities, museums and much more to visit.

Where Rovereto is located and historical notes.

Today Rovereto is the capital of the Vallagarina Community; it is 25 km from Trento, 70 km from Verona and 15 km from Lake Garda. Its territory offers breathtaking views between vineyards and hills.

The territory of Rovereto was crossed and owned by various powers, such as the bishopric of Trento and the Venetian dominion, and was part of the Habsburg territory until its annexation to the Kingdom of Italy in 1920.

What to do in a day trip in Rovereto.

Visit the Museums.

Rovereto is a city rich in museums and culture. Among the best known are the Mart – Museum of modern and contemporary art, whose glass and steel dome has become a symbol of the city, which offers exhibitions and works on twentieth-century art.

Continuing the visit we find the Depero Futurist Art House which is the only museum founded by a futurist – Depero himself, in 1957 – on the basis of a desecrating and prophetic project.

The Castle of Rovereto, known as Castel Veneto, is home to the War Museum and is one of the best examples of late medieval alpine fortification, with towers with weapons, tunnels and gunboats built into the walls.

In Rovereto there is also the Peace Bell in memory of the fallen of all wars; just think that it is the largest bell in the world that rings out in the open and every evening at sunset it rings a hundred tolls as a sign of universal peace.

Visit the Palaces.

Rovereto and its territory offer countless stately historic buildings that you can visit and discover by booking! Examples are the birthplace of Antonio Rosmini, a famous nineteenth-century philosopher whose house houses a historical library with about 15,000 volumes; or the Palazzo Betta-Grillo which houses an important pictorial cycle composed of seven large-format canvases depicting episodes from the life of Moses.

Remaining in Rovereto we find the historic Tobacco Factory, now transformed into a certified start-up incubator; the Palazzo Alberti Poja, which houses refined eighteenth-century stuccoes; the Palazzo dell’Annona which today houses the Civic Library with over 500,000 volumes; and again, the Zandonai Theater which is the first theater in Trentino.

Moving towards Ala, you can visit Palazzo Malfatti-Azzolini, Palazzo Taddei and the Palazzi de ‘Pizzini von Hochenbrunn with Baroque style.

Discover the dinosaurs.

During the Jurassic, the Adige Valley appeared as an immense swamp where dinosaurs also lived; the footprints found south of Rovereto date back to 200 million years ago and seem to belong to three species, specifically Vulcanodontidae herbivores, Ornitischia herbivores and Ceratosaurs carnivores.

The site is now open and can be visited independently, but for greater knowledge there are guided tours on the second Saturday of the month from spring to autumn, upon reservation.

Visit the Archpriest Church of San Marco.

In Rovereto there is the church where Mozart performed in his first concert in Italy, on December 26, 1769. The church was built during the rule of the Republic of Venice. It suffered serious damage during the First World War, was repaired internally in 1919 and externally in 1950.

Observe the stars.

A 40-minute drive from Rovereto, on Monte Zugna, at 1,620 meters above sea level, in an area not contaminated by light pollution, stands the Astronomical Observatory, active since 1997. The Observatory is equipped with a dome of 4 meters in diameter. in which there are 3 telescopes and a solar telescope (coelostate), to observe the solar disk, its spots (if any) and the spectrum of the light of the Sun. Day and night visits are organized by appointment.


The Vallagarina area is full of cellars where you can taste red wines such as Marzemino, Enantio and Casetta, but also the excellent Moscato Giallo “Castel Beseno” (it takes its name from the castle that overlooks the vineyards). Rovereto is also an area of breweries with craft beers that recall local traditions and grappas, such as Trentino grappa.


The Rovereto and Vallagarina area offer a wide range of routes and trails, suitable for all legs. The proposed walks are an excellent opportunity to discover trenches, posts, walkways and tunnels from the First World War; immerse yourself in the world of rare plants and flowers; visit malghe and mountain pastures, lakes, biotopes and reeds, archaeological sites and fossil tracks; meet chamois and birds. Vallagarina offers walks suitable for everyone, from families with children, which can also be done with a stroller, to more demanding excursions, which require a whole day and good physical preparation.

The excursions that this area offers are different, such as the one to the Sorna torrent gorge, a 1.6 km route in the Monte Baldo Park up to the Sorna torrent; along the way there is “el pont del Diaol”, a very suggestive ancient bridge, at the point where the Sorna torrent plunges into a gorge about thirty meters deep. The walk continues via equipped stairs to the ancient mines in the riverbed.

The path of the Emperor, a medium difficulty path from which you can admire the Vallagarina and the lower Adige Valley from above; originally it was a road built for military purposes, this is visible in some inaccessible passages, served by walls built to art. In several points the transit is made precarious by washouts but safety is still guaranteed along the entire route.

Other examples of trekking in the Vallagarina area, more or less demanding, are the tour of the gorge of the wolf, a tour of the vineyards in Crosano di Brentonico, several ring tours, but also excursions to the peaks overlooking Lake Garda and the Val d’Adige, like the ascent to Monte Stivo.

In the area surrounding Rovereto, we also find Lake Cei, a quiet alpine lake at 900 meters above sea level, in the center of the protected area of Pra dell’Albi-Cei, surrounded by the greenery of centuries-old beeches and fir trees, rich in aquatic vegetation. , on whose banks colorful water lilies bloom, among which the rare blue iris stands out.

There are several walks that this area offers, such as the ring tour of the two lakes, or the excursion to Malga Cimana. Lake Cei is also an excellent destination for photography enthusiasts, during autumn with intense foliage, while in spring and summer with colorful water lilies.


The Adige Valley allows you to travel slowly on the cycle path that connects Verona and Lake Garda passing through Rovereto and Vallagarina. An example can be taken the stretch from Salorno to Borghetto, about 90 km downhill, suitable for everyone, which crosses a territory rich in museums, art, good food and excellent wines, characterized by a perfect climate for cycling in every season. In spring with the pastel colors that dominate the landscape, in summer with the fresh breeze of the Garda hour that accompanies the rides and in autumn with the harvest and the scent of grapes.

For Mountain Bike enthusiasts, Vallagarina offers a network of trails suitable for every experience, from Baby routes, to Beginner ones to Advance ones for those looking for adrenaline.


The Polsa, San Valentino and San Giacomo ski areas offer 26 km of panoramic slopes, modern ski lifts and a latest generation programmed snowmaking system. Suitable for those who practice cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering and also for those who want to take their first steps on the snow.
The area is an excellent starting point for snowshoeing and walks in the fresh snow, with routes of different lengths, suitable for everyone!


For those who love rock and climbing, the Rovereto and Vallagarina area offers various opportunities to practice climbing and bouldering, both indoors and outdoors.

Christmas Markets.

If you happen to be in Rovereto during the Christmas period or if you are a lover of Christmas markets, you should definitely visit Il Natale dei Popoli. An event that sees the union of cultures and peoples, through stalls, nativity scenes and gastronomic delights that invade the historic center.
If you want more information on the Christmas Markets in the area, here you will find a list with updated dates, times and places!

How to get to Rovereto.

By car, the recommended exits from the A22 motorway are Ala-Avio, Rovereto Sud and Rovereto Nord, depending on convenience and place of arrival.

If you arrive by train, get off at the Rovereto stop, on the line that connects Verona to the Brenner Pass. From here there are several buses that connect the city with its hinterland.

By plane, we recommend the Catullo airport of Verona, it is the closest and from here it is possible to continue by train.

By bicycle, you can take the Adige cycle path and reach the historic center of Rovereto by exiting in the direction of Rovereto center at the Borgo Sacco district, following the track to the end.

Where to sleep in Rovereto.

If you need suggestions for choosing where to stay a few nights in the beautiful area of Rovereto, Vallagarina and Lake Garda, here is a list of the best accommodations available!

Where to eat in Rovereto.

You know, there is no better occasion than a trip or a vacation to taste the food and wine specialties of the area. So here is a list of the best places to eat in the Rovereto and Lake Garda area!

Experiences on Lake Garda.

The Rovereto area offers a multitude of museums, palaces, churches to visit; but here you will find a list of the unique experiences that you can experience in the area. If the weather is not the best, in order not to ruin your holiday, I recommend taking a look at this article!

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