Bergamo Brescia, Italian Capital of Culture 2023: a year full of events.

Bergamo and Brescia united to celebrate the culture and beauty that distinguish them, in a festival full of events.

This year the beautiful Brescia, one of the most important cities that embrace Lake Garda, united with Bergamo, is commended with the prestigious title of Italian Capital of Culture 2023.
The main theme of the project, “The illuminated city”, intentionally singular and not plural, is a first testimony of the decision that Bergamo and Brescia have taken in planning this special year together.
Culture is and will be an opportunity to witness the tradition of work, solidarity, industrial innovation in an area of ​​unexpected beauty, all to be discovered.

Among the most important works we find the Ciclovia della Cultura, which will be completed in spring 2023. The route will be approximately 75 kilometers long, touching the Venetian walls of the fortified city of Bergamo, up to the complex of San Salvatore and Santa Giulia and the archaeological area of Capitolium in Brescia, allowing cyclists to admire castles, monasteries, villas, historic centers, villages and farmhouses.

The four thematic areas that have inspired initiatives and events.

The city of hidden treasures – this is the area that wants to enhance not only the historical monuments and archaeological complexes that gave life to the current layout of the historic centres, but also the paths that leave the city ​​to form a joint landscape heritage.

The city of nature – this is the area that takes charge of rethinking and redesigning the relationship of individuals, communities and businesses with natural resources; redesigning the relationships between settlement methods, forms of consumption, transport systems, urban production activities and environmental resources in a sustainable key.

The city that invents – is the set of projects that sees companies and their representative Associations as protagonists, the Chambers of Commerce, Universities, technical training institutions, which together with artistic and cultural institutions qualify the territory as capable of enhancing talent and the best practices of innovation to build its own future.

Culture as a cure – this is the area most closely linked to the design response derived from the dramatic experience of the pandemic. An experience that has amplified the structural fragility and brought the question of care to the center of the debate at national and European level. Culture has emerged as a tool for prevention and socialization, which influences people’s well-being, through processes of inclusion and acceptance for the construction of community relationships.

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