Carnival on Lake Garda. 2024 edition.

There are many carnival events that you cannot miss on Lake Garda between villages and cities. Here the top list of all confetti events!

The Carnival on Lake Garda is a centuries-old tradition, which attracts thousands of visitors every year, where everyone can participate in shows, dances, parades and concerts. Even the food stands offer a great variety of local specialties and delicacies for those with a sweet tooth.
Carnival on Lake Garda is a time to bring the whole family together, a unique opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of this magical region.

Furthermore, not everyone knows that the Veronese mask of Papa del Gnoco, dating back to 1531, is the oldest in Italy and Europe and this year it celebrates its 494th anniversary.

Here is the list of the absolutely unmissable 2023 Carnival Parties along the Lake Garda basin:

Gran Carnevale (Valle dei Laghi – TN): from 21 January to 18 February 2024.

The beautiful Valle dei Laghi dresses up for carnival in a rich series of events. See the flyer below:

Carnevalarco (Arco – TN): from 13 to 11 February 2024.

Music and shows in the beautiful historic center of Arco. Here the program:

2.30 pm, Piazzale Segantini
Valentino Villanova presents: learn to draw dinosaurs
3.00 pm, Piazzale Segantini
Free distribution of Krapfen and hot tea

2.30pm, Piazza Canoniche
Valentino Villanova and his caricatures
Face painting
2.30pm, Piazza Tre Novembre
Vintage Circus
3.00 pm, Piazzale Segantini
Celebrity Stars

2.30 pm, Piazzale Segantini
Entertainment for children
3.00 pm, Piazzale Segantini
Free distribution of Krapfen and hot tea

2.30pm, Piazza Canoniche
Baby Disco Show
2.30pm, Piazza Tre Novembre
The kitchen of “Otto Strudel”
3.00 pm, Piazzale Segantini
Directly from Zelig Beppe Braida and Fabrizio Fontana

Gnocchi di Carnevale (Bezzecca – TN): 8 February 2024.

The Pro Loco of Bezzecca (in the beautiful Valle di Ledro) organizes the distribution of Carnival dumplings and “Grostoi” in Piazza Garibaldi to celebrate Shrove Thursday. From 12:00.

Grand Giudicariese Carnival in Tione di Trento: from 8 to 13 February 2024.

It boasts a 135-year history and the first testimonies regarding the carrying out of this celebration date back to 1887, when parties were prepared in the square and bigoi were distributed free of charge to the citizens.
The real Tionese carnival opens with the delivery by the mayor of Tione of the keys to the town to the Queen of the Carnival who will keep them until Shrove Tuesday.

Bacanal del Gnoco (Verona): 9 February 2024 (venardi gnocolar).

Tradition has it that venardi gnocolar, which falls on Friday 9 February this year, is eaten fresh artisan gnocchi in one of the many restaurant-taverns in the city and province , and then off to see the parade of floats through the center of Verona, departing at 1.45 pm, captained by the typical mask of Papà del Gnoco. But there are many appointments of the Verona carnival, to see the complete program click here.

Grand Carnival of Trento (Trento): February 2024.

A Trento the carnival warms up the cold winter atmosphere with the cheerfulness of the masks, of the allegorical floats, of the colors of the make-up laboratory, of the rides in the “Paese dei Balocchi” and of the shows offered by street artists, and delights the palate with tasty sweets and delicacies typical of these party. But the party is not just for the little ones: music and food and wine tastings are on the calendar in suggestive locations in the city, in contact with art, science and taste.

Sbigolada Torbolana (Torbole sul Garda – TN): 11 February 2024.

Free distribution of “bigoi con le sardele” (pasta with lake sardines), live music and entertainment for the little ones in the heart of the beautiful Torbole sul Garda.
In Nago instead, on Tuesday 13 February 2024, free distribution of spaghetti al meat sauce and entertainment for children.

Carnival of Bagolino (Bagolino – BS): 12 and 13 February 2024.

In Bagolino, a small medieval village located in the Brescian mountains of Valle Sabbia, one of carnivals among the oldest and most important in Northern Italy takes place every year, with music, dances and costumes handed down from the 16th century .
For two days a year, the characteristic medieval village of Bagolino is invaded by the bright colors of the Balarì (dancers) who, accompanied by the melodies of the  violins of the Sonadur (players), dance with their faces covered in rich costumes handed down from generation to generation.
The frame for this show of elegant movements are the  Maschèr (the masks), representation of peasant reality. The latter roam the streets in an awkward and bizarre way, making fun of anyone they meet on their way.
In most of the celebrations throughout Italy you see large rich and elaborate floats parade by, but in Bagolino the small streets and the square animate to the sound of hoofed clogs which are the common feature of the two typical costumes: the male one of the Ceviòl and the female one of the Guenel.
Another important figure to mention is that of the Paiasso, who has the task of maintaining order around the dancers during the dance and the usual final “airy“.
The magic of an engaging tradition that combines historical re-enactment and sacred celebration in a context of joy and fun.

Marciapiè Carnival (Lazise): 13 and 14 February 2024.

This original carnival was born one November evening in 1979 by some inhabitants of Via Arco, already then called Marciapiè (which in Veronese dialect means sidewalk). The nickname derives, in fact, from the story of the Countess who lived in the villa facing the lake at the end of the street, who had a sidewalk built to avoid muddying her shoes and clothes.
The inhabitants of this street have always had a strong sense of belonging, also helped by the fact that
the entrance to it had an arched door that made it look like a private area not accessible to passers-by.
It is also known that in lean times, the families of Marciapié joined together to go fishing using a fishing method, now disused, in order to catch more fish to share among themselves.
Thus was born the idea of ​​creating some masks that represented the path in history, life and origins, taking inspiration from the ancient fishing methodology. The 3 main characters are:
Chief Valar, the expedition leader who knew the fishing area well
Quel da Re, positioned on the second boat and who was entrusted with the nets
– the Cagnol, the helper who, on the third boat, pushed the fish towards the net set by the first two.
Every year, on the last day of Carnival and the first of Lent, the street dresses up and offers traditional tripe and pessin (small fish) to passers-by.

Carnival of King Trigol (Mantova): (date to be defined)

The traditional mask of King Trigol parades through the historic center of Mantova together with allegorical floats, musical bands and flag-wavers.

Carnevale dello Tzigano (Lugagnano di Sona – VR): 10 March 2024.

At the end of all the parades, starting on March 10 at 14:00, we find the one in Lugagnano, one of the most important carnivals in Verona together with Domegliara and Villafranca. It is the only Veronese carnival registered with the Fecc (European Federation of Carnival Cities) and for this reason every year it hosts masks and exponents of the international carnival. His mask par excellence is that of the Tzigano, the gypsy.

Carnival is a very fun and colorful celebration that allows people to have fun, show off creative costumes and let themselves go to joy and imagination. Furthermore, being a tradition rooted in many cultures, it also represents an opportunity to discover the traditions and customs of other countries and to unite people of all ages.

See you next time dear Outdoors!
Silvia Turazza – Garda Outdoors Editorial Staff

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