Limone sul Garda: The Citrus Jewel on the Shores of Lake Garda

Citrus scent, enchanted alleys, overhanging cycle and pedestrian path, oil and museums: discovering all the beauty of Limone sul Garda.

For over two centuries, Limone sul Garda has been the stage for a fascinating story, marked by its famous lemons and the tranquil waters of Lake Garda. A place where the beauty of nature intertwines with tradition, creating a unique atmosphere that captivates visitors.

A Journey Through Time: Limone del Garda

Since the eighteenth century, Garda lemons were renowned for their “medicinal” qualities and the irresistible combination of acidity and the fragrance of the peel and juice. The trade of these citrus fruits brought wealth to a Limone sul Garda that was once isolated, reachable only by water. However, the commercial crisis and the construction of the western Gardesana laid the foundation for a new era: the tourism age.

Limone sul Garda

The origin of the name Limone sul Garda.

Contrary to the apparent connection with the lemon trade, the name “Limone sul Garda” has roots in local history. It derives from “līmen,” meaning “border,” referring to the natural border between Brescia and Trentino, still present today. Limone, previously known as Limone San Giovanni, assumed its current name only in 1904.

Exploring Limone sul Garda

The picturesque town of Limone embraces the shores of Lake Garda, with its colorful houses climbing the mountain slopes. Begin your adventure by wandering through the alleys of the historic center, immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere among stone houses adorned with flowers. Enjoy lunch or an aperitif with a view of the lake at the many local spots and climb the staircases leading to panoramic terraces with breathtaking views.

The Lemon Groves and Museums in Limone sul Garda

Limonaia del Castel
Located between Via Orti and Via Castello, Limonaia del Castel offers a panoramic view of the town and the lake. Built in 1700 by the Amadei family and later donated to the municipality of Limone in 1995, it’s a must-visit. Follow the tiles embedded in the cobblestones for a captivating journey through this lemon grove.

In addition to Limonaia del Castel, visit Limonaia del Tesol and Limonaia di Villa Borghi, which houses the Fishermen’s Museum.

Limone’s Museums

  • Tourism Museum: A journey through time to understand the social and economic changes after the opening of the Gardesana. Located on Lungolago Marconi, it is open every day during the central season.
  • Fishermen’s Museum: An immersion into the history of fishing in the context of the Gardesana, housed inside Limonaia di Villa Borghi.
  • Olive Oil Exhibition: Discover the ancient tradition of extra virgin olive oil “Garda bresciano DOP” at the Cooperativa Agricola Possidenti Oliveti.

Other Attractions in Limone sul Garda

  • Church of San Bartolomeo: Built after the plague of the sixteenth century, it reveals frescoes from the 1500s and a façade with remnants of original paintings.
  • Cyclopedestrian Path: Suspended over Lake Garda, it offers a unique spectacle over 2.5 km, epitomizing the essence of slow tourism.

Exploring the Surroundings

  • Strada della Forra: An adventure along 6 km through tunnels and winding curves leading to Tremosine.
  • Terrazza del Brivido: In Pieve di Tremosine, it offers a breathtaking view of Lake Garda.

How to Reach

By Car: From Rovereto south/Lake Garda North or Brescia east, follow SS45 bis Gardesana Occidentale.

By Bicycle: From Brenner to Riva Del Garda, then by boat to Limone. From Verona, cycle to Peschiera del Garda and take the boat to Limone.

Where to Stay and Dine

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