Walk to the Sanctuary of Montecastello overlooking Lake Garda.

Eager to combine a breathtaking view of Lake Garda with a nice walk in the woods among the remains of the First World War and a visit to a place of worship with frescoes from the Giottesca school? The Sanctuary of Montecastello is the ideal destination!

The imposing Sanctuary of Montecastello (691 m) stands on a rocky spur of Mount Cas in the surroundings of Tignale (BS).

It is also called Shrine of Our Lady of the Star thanks to the miraculous appearance of a star that put an end to a bloody battle that took place in those places in 1200.

Inside, in addition to wonderful frescoes from the Giottesca school, there is also the largest ex voto in Europe, dating back to 1600.

What competes with this incomparable Sanctuary is the panorama overlooking Lake Garda: in front of you can see the chain of Monte Baldo and arrive with your eyes up to the peninsula of Sirmione.

Santuario di Montecastello – Tignale (BS). Video di JT Drone Technologies srl.

How to reach the Sanctuary of Montecastello on Lake Garda?

The Sanctuary of Montecastello can be reached on foot (in half an hour with a fairly vertical climb) by parking the car on the road between Olzano and Prabione (from the western Garda state road you have to go up the signs for Tignale) next to the first capital of the Via Crucis (574 m).

In the less crowded seasons it is also possible to get in the car, taking into account that the last stretch of the road is steep, with sharp hairpin bends and a narrow face under which to pass (therefore not very comfortable for very large vehicles). Once you have reached the Sanctuary, you can safely park in the square.

The luxuriously frescoed interiors of the Montecastello Sanctuary.

What services are found at the Sanctuary of Montecastello on Lake Garda?

At the entrance to the Sanctuary of Montecastello there is a small bar with outdoor tables and umbrellas (open from April to October). There are also toilets for all visitors.

Trekking to the Sanctuary of Montecastello on Lake Garda.

Once you have reached the Sanctuary of Montecastello on foot or by car, on the left of the dirt square, take the path that climbs the mountain, offering enchanting views overlooking Lake Garda.

You can also see some anti-aircraft settlements from the First World War and tunnels dug into the living rock .

Along the way there are several information panels that explain in detail the construction and function of the tunnels where the anti-aircraft guns were installed and where the military took refuge.

Continuing to climb you reach the turret with the cross above (779 m), and then return (count a difference in height of about 200 m from the first capital of the Via Crucis or about 90 m from the Sanctuary di Montecastello – sports shoes recommended).

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Silvia Turazza – Garda Outdoors Editorial Staff

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