110th anniversary Strada della Forra: Porto – Pieve – Vesio.

Thursday 18 and Sunday 21 May you are all invited to the rich program of celebrations to celebrate the beauty and importance of the Strada della Forra on its 110th anniversary!

The spectacular Strada della Forra is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year!

About 6 km long, between tunnels, hairpin bends and winding bends, the Strada della Forra allows you to enter the bowels of the mountain by crossing the gorge of the Brasa stream to reach the beautiful village of Pieve di Tremosine (423 m above sea level) from the state road of the lakefront.

We are in the province of Brescia, on the northern Lombard shore of Lake Garda, immersed in a fairytale-like setting.
Not surprisingly, Winston Churchill called it “the eighth wonder of the world”, visiting it in 1949.
This spectacular road, among the many sets, was also the setting for a great chase in the James Bond saga film “007 – Quantum of Solace”, in which Daniel Craig drove his Aston Martin at full speed.

The importance of the Strada della Forra.

The Strada della Forra, Porto-Pieve-Vesio, goes beyond its extraordinary natural beauty. Strongly desired by two far-sighted personalities of the time, Arturo Cozzaglio, designer, and Don Giacomo Zanini, parish priest in Vesio, it was inaugurated on 18 May 1913 by the then Mayor Domenico Milesi with these words, which sum up the history of this corner of paradise with great emotion : “Today Tremosine celebrates its greatest event, today Tremosine sees her vows crowned, and the isolation to which she was condemned for so many centuries removed, and she sees herself united with the civilized world. Today Tremosine with its new road rises to a new and prosperous life…”.

And the birth of this road finally brought well-being and tourism to Tremosine, still becoming an excellent tourist destination in the Lake Garda and Italian basin. For this reason, Tremosine gratefully pays homage to “his” street on this important anniversary.

Thanks to the contribution of the Lombardy Region, we will be able to give due prominence to an event that has marked the history of our territory. The official celebrations will retrace the historic inauguration, through a modern reinterpretation, providing for initiatives both along the road and in the hamlets of Pieve and Vesio”: these are the words of Francesca Frigerio, President of Pro Loco Tremosine promoting body.

The Councilor for Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Fashion of the Lombardy Region, Barbara Mazzali, declares: “The Strada della Forra is a priceless jewel that ranks among the most important tourist destinations in the Lombardy Region. Nestled in the bowels of the mountain, it runs along the fissure dug by the Brasa stream, wrapping itself in rock coils that fascinate anyone who passes through it, regulating unique emotions. It will be a pleasure for me to be present in Tremosine sul Garda on the occasion of this important anniversary to demonstrate my closeness to the many small towns in our area which are rich in precious treasures, often too little known.”

110th anniversary celebration programme.

A rich “two-days” of events, here is the detailed program:

– 9.30 Campione – Meeting and departure of the historic car parade. Info and reservations, subject to availability: Benaco Auto Classiche +39 045 622 8527 – info@benacoautoclassiche.it
– 10.30 am Forra – Inauguration of celebrations for the 110th anniversary
– 10.30 am • Vesio – Market of local crafts and typical products with tastings (in case of rain the events will be held in the Sala Polivalente)
– 11.30 Parade of historic cars along the Forra up to Vesio
– 12.00 • Vesio – Meeting with the Authorities and commemoration of Mons. Giacomo Zanini
– 1.00 pm Convivial spit at La Fenice Restaurant, subject to availability. Reservations by 11 May: +39 0365 917037 – info@hotellafenice.it

SUNDAY 21 MAY 2023
– 9.30 am * Pieve, Infopoint – Guided excursion along the Strada della Forra
– 10.00 am * Campione – Departure of the first shuttle bus for Pieve with return at 2.00 pm
– 10.30 Pieve, Piazza Cozzaglio – Commemoration of Arturo Cozzaglio with performance by the Tremosine band
– 11.00 am * Campione – Second shuttle bus departure for Pieve with return at 3.00 pm
– 12.00 * Campione – Departure of the third shuttle bus for Pieve with return at 16.00
– 12.30 Pieve, Borgo – Opening of food stands: Capù, bread and salami, grilled Formagella, Polenta Cùsa and traditional desserts
– 3.00 pm * Pieve, Infopoint – Guided tour of the Borgo
– 4.30 pm Pieve, Church of San Giovanni Battista – Parvis: Concert for two violins “The road in the rock” – Artists: Defant Marcello & Francesca

* Info and reservations, subject to availability:
Pro Loco Tremosine – APS / Infopoint Tremosine
+39 0365 953185 – info@infotremosine.com – www.tremosinesulgardaeventi.com

2023 will therefore once again see the Strada della Forra as the protagonist of the already very rich schedule of events in Tremosine sul Garda with activities that will take place throughout the year: excursions, guided tours, tours, shuttle buses, workshops for children and a photo contest.
For all information, please refer to the website www.tremosinesulgardaeventi.com or please contact the offices: Pro Loco Tremosine – APS / Infopoint Tremosine +39 0365 953185 – info@infotremosine.com.

Save the date dear Outdoors!

Organizzatore: Pro Loco Tremosine con il contributo di Regione Lombardia

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