The south-eastern shore of Lake Garda runs from Borghetto sul Mincio to Malcesine. We are in the very rich province of Verona, in a microcosm of opportunities impossible to visit in three days. From the lakeshore to the summit of Monte Baldo, from Verona with its history and culture to Valpolicella, the land of Amarone wine, all the way to Lessinia. An area that deserves a trip just to fully savour what it has to offer. 

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1 day. Adige Valley from wines to forts – between curiosity, history and tradition.

Arriving at Lake Garda and being suggested to visit the Adige Valley is certainly an unusual and unexpected proposal, but this valley has much to offer and to tell. The best way to visit it? By rafting aboard rubber dinghies gliding over the waters of the Adige River with guides who will tell you about this magnificent area. On foot during the Magnadese, a walk to discover the food and wine specialities of the Valdadige. By bicycle to discover the lesser-known side of Monte Baldo.

2 Day. Wine Tour to discover Valpolicella   

Valpolicella is located north-west of Verona: a small region where some of the world’s architectural, scenic and eno-gastronomic excellence can be admired. The reason it is mainly known throughout the world is the prestige of the wines produced there: Amarone della Valpolicella, Valpolicella Classico, Superiore, Ripasso and the sweet Recioto. Various itineraries to discover Valpolicella through wine tours immersed in the heart of the historic cellars and the small niche family-run ones. You will have the opportunity to speak directly with the producer to discuss wine tasting and learn about the history of the vineyard. You will be guided by the experience of those whose knowledge and passion are dedicated to this memorable art of wine making.

Day 3. Journey through the villages on the eastern coast of Lake Garda. 

Lazise, Bardolino, Garda, Torri del Benaco, Brenzone and Malcesine these are some of the villages of eastern Lake Garda; but how to visit them all? There are several possible solutions, the most obvious being by car, travelling from village to village. The most romantic by Vespa, as in the film Vacanze Romane. The most unusual by hiring a boat and docking in each village to visit it on foot. And finally, the slow tourism solution by bicycle. There are two cycle paths that allow you to visit the east coast by bicycle: the Lazise – Garda and the Brenzone – Malcesine. All these solutions offer a personal and unique way to experience Lake Garda.
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As you can see, for the south-east coast we have just skimmed over all the things to do and see, because there are so many.

The Garda area has a variety of places, museums and towns that would take many a long weekend. And do you want to know a secret? Not even we who have lived and loved it all our lives have discovered all its mysteries. 

We are sure we have intrigued you and that you are already planning your next spring escape to Lake Garda. 

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Walter Sestili

Destination Marketing manager since 1998, in love with Lake Garda and its opportunities. For these reasons Garda Outdoors was born, a meeting place where the passion for this territory meets the tourist's curiosity to visit and discover the beauties of the most beautiful and largest of the Italian lakes.