12 unusual things to do in Verona

Have you been to Verona many times and are you looking for something new to do? Here are 12 alternative ideas for experiencing the beautiful city of Verona in an original way.

You have been to Verona many times and are looking for something new to do? You are reading the right article!
Here are 12 alternative ideas to experience the beautiful Scaliger city in an original way:

1 – Rafting on the Adige river under Ponte Pietra

Seeing a city from the river that runs through it is certainly a unique and original perspective. In Verona, you can do it with a fun and easy rafting trip, paddling along the Adige. Under Ponte Pietra is the most adrenaline-pumping part: there, the river ripples a bit and gains speed. You can contact Adige Rafting Verona for more information.

2 – Knock on fairy doors

These two delightful little doors are located a few tens of meters away from each other: one in Via Nizza next to the bar of the same name and the other in Via Al Cristo. Will others arise? Fairies are always unpredictable artists!
We would also like to point out that in the small mailbox of the little door in Via Nizza, children usually leave messages for fairies, gnomes and elves which are promptly collected and soon, who knows, perhaps displayed on a noticeboard which will collect the most significant ones.

3 – Wine Tour in niche bars and osterias in the city center

Get to know a city through its food and wine culture. Verona has deep roots in the world of wine with global excellences. How about a personalized tour to discover hidden and lesser-known places, to experience the Verona of the locals? You won’t be just tourists anymore, immersing yourself in the authentic flavors of this land. You can contact Romeo and Giuliet guide for more details.

4 – Searching for LSD69’s paintings

Walking through the streets of the center of Verona, take a good look around: an artist who goes by the name LSD69 embellishes meter doors, corners and columns, painting various scenarios and messages. Open-air art attacks that color the city!

5 – Tour of the ancient walls in Torricelle

This beautiful walk takes you to see unique and lesser-known views of bucolic Verona, surrounded by the nature of its hills called Torricelle. Climb along the winding Via Castello San Pietro, after a few turns, you’ll encounter the path that leads to the square of Castel San Pietro (the most panoramic view of the city). Just past the square, turn left onto a dirt road that reveals these ancient walls, among meadows where you can even have a nice picnic.

6 – Visit the world’s smallest jewelry shop with its secret garden

About halfway down Corso Porta Borsari, nestled between the walls of a 1200s church, you’ll find Gioielleria Porta Borsari, measuring only 3.78 square meters, holding the record for the world’s smallest jewelry shop. Meticulously curated, its storefront is always a spectacle, known for its unique and handmade creations in Italy. A few meters to the right of its entrance, you can also visit the ancient cloister with its secret garden, admiring more jewelry creations. Could this incredible gem be missing in the city of love? Certainly not!

7 – Walk in the Adige Park

In Verona, a beautiful cycle-pedestrian path begins that follows the course of the Adige River and starts right from the city. Follow Lungadige Galtarossa, southward, until it becomes a dirt road that also passes through a riding stable. From there, you will immerse yourself in the nature along the riverbanks, leading to San Giovanni Lupatoto, Villafranca di Verona, and then onwards to Borghetto sul Mincio and Peschiera.

8 – Heads up for Pandoro

In Corso Porta Borsari 21, in the heart of the historic center of Verona, look up and you will notice a very original stone pandoro that adorns the building that houses it. This realization reminds us that pandoro was born right here from ancient traditions. Would you like to know more? Click here.

9 – Visit the Capitular Library, the oldest in the world still in activity

The Capitolare Library of Verona is located in the architectural complex of the Verona Cathedral and is considered the oldest library in the world still in activity. Inside are precious manuscripts and a lot of human history. You can visit it independently or with a guide. For further information click here.

10 – Post a letter to Juliet via the cat of mirrors

For many years the Juliet Club has been dealing with letters addressed to Juliet, the Shakespearean heroine of love. Thousands of messages arrive from all over the world and the team of volunteers responds to them all in the name of Juliet. Each letter is read, translated, answered and then stored in the Club di Giulietta archive which contains thousands of love stories, among which the most beautiful ones are also rewarded.
The history of the letters to Juliet dates back to 1930, when the keeper of Juliet’s Tomb, Ettore Solimani, began collecting the first letters that tourists left in search of advice and, moved by the phenomenon, had the idea of ​​replying, thus becoming the first “Juliet’s Secretary”.

There are many ways to write to Juliet, but without a doubt, the most exciting thing is to write the letter with pen and paper, posting it by hand. You can find the appropriate red boxes at Juliet’s House or at the Juliet’s Club headquarters (Vicolo Santa Cecilia 9, 37121 Verona). If you go to the office, you may notice in Corso Santa Anastasia/corner of Vicolo Santa Cecilia a beautiful kitten in love “wandering” around the area. For further information click here.

11 – Sticking your hand into the mouths of secret denunciations

Walking through Piazza dei Signori, before the solemn gaze of Dante, it is possible to come across strange faces with mouths wide open, placed on the wall of the Palazzo della Ragione.
These works are ancient “letterboxes”, of eighteenth-century origin, to receive complaints made by citizens to the local judiciary called “Boche per le Unzie Segrete“, or in Venetian “Boche de leòn” (lion’s mouths). They were dedicated to two uses: the one located on the Via Dante side collected complaints against prohibited practices, horse riding, conventicle fraud and silk smugglers; while the one located on the facade of Piazza dei Signori and connected to the offices of the Tax Chamber was dedicated to the collection of complaints against usurers.
To be considered valid, the complaint had to be supported by substantial evidence and confirmed by at least three witnesses. Failing this, it was burned. The charges considered to be the most serious were charges of treason and conspiracy against the State.

12 – Meet the world of Harry Potter

All adults and children fond of Harry Potter absolutely must stop by the Albus Store in Via Leoni 4/a, the official shop of the saga. Inside you will find the most unthinkable gadgets, a reproduction of the fearsome Basilisk and much more.
This shop is also very famous and unmissable for those looking for merchandising of all kinds. For info click here.

Verona, with its unusual proposals, reaffirms itself as an ever-new and unforgettable journey that goes beyond common expectations.
Bye dear Outdoors!
Silvia Turazza – Garda Outdoors Editorial Staff

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