Lake Tenno: a turquoise jewel just a few minutes from Riva del Garda.

This lake is also known as the Blue Lake due to the crystallinity of its bathing waters, with a very pleasant temperature.

History of Lake Tenno.

Lake Tenno was formed with the landslide of the hill of Ville del Monte and, with its surface of about 195 thousand square meters, it is the sixth largest lake in the Trentino region. It also has an island of 3000 square meters that is connected to the earth by a stony tongue, which allows you to reach it on foot without getting wet only during the dry season.

Where is Lake Tenno located.

Lake Tenno is located on the north side of Lake Garda, a few steps from the homonymous village and the medieval village of Canale di Tenno. More precisely, 14 km from Riva del Garda at an altitude of 570m above sea level.

Is Lake Tenno suitable for swimming?

Lake Tenno is also known as Lake Azzurro due to the crystallinity of its bathing waters (it is one of the cleanest freshwater lakes in Italy) and its very pleasant temperature.
Dogs can also be brought to the beach (there is a beach specially equipped for them), but entry is not allowed from May to October due to the large influx of tourists.
It should also be remembered that navigation with motor vehicles is strictly prohibited, as it could compromise the purity of the water.
The stay in this place is made even more pleasant by the total absence of buildings that make you go back in time, thanks also to the dense bush.

The hidden island in Lake Tenno.

Lake Tenno, in addition to an island of 3000 square meters which can often be reached on foot from the shore of the lake, also has a second island, called Isola ’86, so called from the year of the first sighting: it would be one rock that emerges during the particularly dry seasons.

What to do and see in a day trip around Lake Tenno.

Lake Tenno offers the opportunity to be visited and admired from every perspective through a splendid panoramic tour that runs along the clear waters of the lake; tour practicable even in winter with snow, paying attention to icy sections. The Lake Tenno area also offers numerous experiences and excursions, including:

Varone waterfall (Località Le Foci, 3, 38060 Tenno TN).

The Varone waterfall is located 3 km from Riva del Garda (TN). It is born where the underground waters deriving from Lake Tenno meet a softer sedimentary rock, creating a spectacular leap between the walls of a 73-meter high gorge, carved out by water. This waterfall is equipped with ladders and balconies to allow a close view; in addition, there are two caves in the waterfall. Admission is subject to a fee, for more information click here.

Tenno Castle (via per San Lorenzo – 38060 – Tenno (Tn).

The castle of Tenno is located on a rocky spur overlooking the valley. In ancient times the castle belonged to the community, then passed into the hands of the Counts of Appiano and other families, including the Episcopal Principality of Trento, until the Napoleonic age. In the early nineteenth century the castle was bought by private individuals who transformed it into a private residence (still today it cannot be visited by the public).

Medieval village of Canale di Tenno.

Canale di Tenno is an ancient medieval village, one of the most beautiful and characteristic of Italy, with narrow alleys and very close houses.
It was abandoned in the second post-war period, but revived in the 1960s with the foundation of the Casa degli Artisti, which today can be visited together with the Agricultural Tools Museum; in winter, the village is animated by an evocative Christmas market that makes the atmosphere truly magical!

Borgo di Frapporta.

The Borgo di Frapporta is another medieval village that communicated directly with the overhanging castle which could only be accessed from inside the town. Currently you can still see the hooks for closing the defensive gate of the village.
In the southern area is the church of San Lorenzo, a Romanesque-style building with a semicircular apse, where it is possible to admire some examples of Trentino painting from the 11th century and Gothic iconography such as the Last Judgment made in 1384 by the artist Giuliano d’Avanzo.


The village of Fiavè is located on the Lomaso plateau and in the summer it is possible to visit the settlements on stilts dating back to 2300 BC for free.
There are several things to visit in Fiavè, such as a 15th century chapel in the hamlet of Castel Campo, the medieval courtyard with a loggia dating back to the 15th century, the Camerona, a huge cave overlooking the town of Ballino, the biotope and the artificial lake for fishing lovers in Torbiera di Fiavè.

Borgo di Rango.

The Borgo di Rango, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, stands at the foot of Mount Sèra (1960 m.) And proudly dominates the basin of the External Giudicarie Valleys. Its name could derive from the Celtic ‘Randa‘, or locality placed at the limit, in fact Rango, is the last village before the Duron Pass.
The structure of the town, with ancient houses leaning against each other and connected by arcades, hallways and internal courtyards, recalls that of fortified towns. Rango was formerly located along the “imperial road” that led from Lake Garda to the Val di Sole.
A curiosity about this village: it is said that at the end of the nineteenth century there was a case of spiritism of a girl from the village which caused scandal to the point of naming the porch of the house where she lived with her family as a “portec of the devil”.
To visit the parish church of the 15th century and the small School Museum; while, during the Christmas period, the houses and hallways of the village light up with the Christmas lights and are filled with stalls, typical local products and the wonders of local craftsmanship with a colorful Christmas market.

What to eat in a day trip in the Tenno Valley.

One of the best ways to discover a territory is to go through the specialties of its table. Trentino Alto Garda cuisine is rich in traditional products, which combine lake and mountain cuisine. Try the dumplings, strangolapreti, tripe in broth, orchard, polenta carbonera, local cheeses and cold cuts, the inevitable carne salada, strudel, apple fritters and walnut cake.

How to get to Lake Tenno.

Lake Tenno is located 12 km from Riva del Garda and can be reached by following the SS421 state road. After the town of Ville del Monte you will find an intersection and parking lots to leave your car. Lake Tenno can only be reached on foot by taking a short walk or along a staircase of medieval origins.

Where to sleep.

If your idea is to spend a holiday in the splendid Ledro Valley, Camping Lago di Tenno is the one for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer to lean on a more central structure and then visit the Alto Garda, the Tenno Valley and the Ledro Valley, here you will find excellent solutions, which are right for you, between Riva del Garda, Arco and Limone!

Where to eat.

As previously recommended, the typical dishes to try are numerous, here are some tips for where to enjoy them at their best! If you are looking for some relief from the heat, here is a list of the best ice cream shops in the area; while if your idea is that of an aperitif with a lake view, here is a list of the best places to have an aperitif in the northern area of Lake Garda!


There are many activities and experiences you can do in the surroundings of Lake Tenno and Lake Garda: for this reason we recommend that you visit the section dedicated to experiences in our magazine by clicking here.

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