Valle dei Laghi, what you didn’t know you wanted to see.

A passionate and exhaustive description of the Valle dei Laghi, which includes a series of curiosities and useful tips to live it to the fullest!

The Valle dei Laghi extends from Riva del Garda to Trento and includes several larger and smaller lakes. This area is also known for the production of Vino Santo, obtained with a drying process that extends until Easter.

History of Valle dei Laghi.

The Valle dei Laghi was born as an ancient riverbed of the Adige river which flowed towards Lake Garda. During the beginning of the Quaternary the course of the Adige river deviated from the current path and the Valle dei Laghi remained a relict and suspended valley in which several lakes were formed.

Where is the Valle dei Laghi.

The Valle dei Laghi extends from Riva del Garda to Trento; next to it there are the Paganella and Monte Bondone.

The lakes of the Valle dei Laghi.

The Valle dei Laghi is made up of 9 lakes, 7 larger and 2 smaller:

Lake Lamar.

The Lamar lakes are located between Paganella and Monte Soprasasso. Once there was only one lake here, but two splendid bodies of water were created following a landslide, Lake Santo to the south and Lake Lamar to the north. In particular, Lake Lamar is a destination for hikers in search of beauty and relaxation and for fishermen, thanks to its fish fauna.
A curiosity, about 30 meters deep, along the southern shore, extends the Abyss of Lamar, hardly visible from the shore, but the destination of many divers!
Lake Lamar is also known for the possibility of diving into the water through a suspended rope, as well as for splendid picnics in nature.

Lake Santo.

The Lake Santo was once joined to the Lamar Lake, but, following a landslide, today they are separated. Its name derives from a legend, in particular the area where the lake extends today was occupied by fields that caused numerous disputes between the owners; one of these wished that a lake would rise to put an end to the quarrels, and so it happened. The water began to rise and for fear that it would threaten the town below, Cembra, the ring of the Madonna was thrown into the lake; the waters subsided and since then it is called Holy Lake.
Compared to Lake Lamar it is less known and less popular, despite its size being larger, but it offers a beautiful walk along its banks.

Terlago Lake.

Located a few kilometers from Trento, Lake Terlago is known for being the richest lake ecosystem in Trentino; its brown-olive-colored waters are home to numerous and valuable fish species, including pike, carp, tench and many others.
The lake is suitable for swimming in the summer season and is especially popular for fishing.

Santa Massenza Lake.

Santa Massenza Lake is of glacial origin and is connected with Toblino Lake through a canal. Its northern and eastern shores are occupied by a hydroelectric plant which has not significantly affected its fish fauna; still today many species live here including eels, carp, trout, perch, tench and many others.
The mild area of this lake is known for grappa, olive trees and vines, broccoli and black truffles!

Toblino Lake.

Lake Toblino is a small alpine lake located in the valley floor in Trentino. The lake and the surrounding area have been declared a biotope for its naturalistic variety. The waters of the lake are not suitable for bathing or navigable.

On the northern shore there is a spur of rock overlooking the waters on which Castel Toblino stands, a sixteenth-century fortress in the center of numerous legends.
To admire the lake and its waters, you can walk along the path on the wooden walkway that runs along the shore.

Lagolo Lake.

Lagolo Lake is fed by underwater infiltrations. The lake is surrounded by meadows, fields and coniferous and deciduous forests. In winter the surface of the lake freezes and allows for skating, while in summer its waters are suitable for swimming and according to popular legends they have therapeutic properties for skin diseases!

Cavedine Lake.

Cavedine Lake belongs to the lake system that feeds the Torbole hydroelectric plant. The waters of the lake are clear and very cold, despite this it is not used to freezing; they host numerous fish and bird species.
This lake is particularly known by those who practice water sports; in fact, the Ora del Garda blows in this area and attracts lovers of windsurfing, kayaking and sailing to its waters.

Bagatoi Lake.

The Bagatoi or Bagattoli lake is a small lake that rises under Monte Brenta. This lake is known above all for simple excursions; the tour of the lake is 9 km.

Lake Solo.

Lake Solo is located near Dro and is known and popular for the tour that crosses the Marocche di Dro (which are the largest landslide in the entire Alpine arc, after the maximum expansion of the glaciers, which has formed a landscape to say the least not very lunar, full of boulders and debris). The territory of the lake is a biotope and a protected area.

Vino Santo of the Valle dei Laghi.

We all know the Tuscan Vinsanto, but not all know that the Valle dei Laghi area is famous for its production of the Vino Santo Trentino. This area is blessed by a sub-Mediterranean microclimate, where oaks, holm oaks, olive groves and noble grapes such as Nosiola grow. The Borgo di Santa Massenza, which rises on the shores of the homonymous lake not far from Lake Toblino, has specialized in the production of this wine since the late Renaissance. In addition to the cellars of Nosiola and Vino Santo, the village also hosts eight producers of fine grappas and spirits.

The Vino Santo is an amber colored wine that is consumed together with desserts. The clusters must be well ripe and are harvested in the first week of October. The drying process continues until Holy Week (hence the name) and this is why it is called the “passito dei passito” as no other wine has such a long drying process.
The crushed grapes are harvested in small oak barrels where the fermentation lasts for 6-8 years, it is a very precious nectar!

What to do in the Valle dei Laghi.

Trekking in Valle dei Laghi.

If you are a nature lover and hikers, more or less demanding, this Valley is for you. There are several excursion proposals including the tour of the various lakes, the Roggia di Calavino (ideal to travel with children too) and Lake Toblino – where you can admire the splendid vineyards of Nosiola, the path that leads to Malga Bael – open on summer weekends, the tour of Monte Garzole, the Marocche di Dro with Lake Solo, the cycle path of the Valle dei Laghi and much more!

Guided wine and grappa tastings.

If you are a lover of wine and grappa, or simply curious, this valley is for you. There are several wineries and distilleries in the area, ready to let you discover the aromas and flavors of local products!


As we have seen, a large part of the lakes in this valley are suitable for swimming and all water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. For fishing enthusiasts, this is a great area full of different fish species!

Where to sleep in the Valle dei Laghi.

There are several farmhouses, campsites, apartments and hotels in the area. If you are looking for a convenient alternative to visit the Valle dei Laghi and Lake Garda, our suggestion is to stay in Arco da Vivere Suites and Rooms, at ArcOlive Agrisuite or at B&B Arco dei Sogni; here, however, you will find other interesting suggestions!

Where to eat in the Valle dei Laghi.

As we always say, trips and holidays are the best opportunities to taste the typical products of a place. In the Trento area we recommend Locanda Margon Trento; for more tips, click here.

Experience in the Valle dei Laghi.

As we have seen, this valley offers a multitude of experiences, opportunities and adventures to spend a day or the whole holiday in the best possible way. In Dro, near the Marocche di Dro, we recommend Elias Park Adventure, for those with small children, while for older children or simply for further suggestions, click here!

It is always a pleasure to accompany you to discover our territory.

See you next time dear Outdoors!

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