Your 2024 holiday on Lake Garda, respecting the environment.

Choosing to travel sustainably means helping to reduce the impact of tourism on the environment and to preserve the health of the planet and its places, cultures and traditions. If you love to travel and have an eye towards the environment, you cannot fail to organize your holidays on Lake Garda.
In this article we show you 5 reasons why a holiday on Lake Garda is fun, culturally rewarding, makes you discover new and unexpected places, and above all sustainable!

1) Cycling holiday on Lake Garda

Lago di Ledro
Lago di Ledro.

Reaching Lake Garda by bicycle is now easy thanks to the cycle path network that connects the whole area and once you arrive you are spoiled for choice on what to visit, it depends on which area of Lake Garda you decide to stay in. If you prefer an adventurous holiday, the north of the lake is the perfect destination for lovers of muscular or electric MTB. Dozens of routes that start from the shores of Lake Garda to climb the mountains that surround it or pedal to discover the Ledro valley or the Valle dei Laghi.

Valle dei Laghi ©

While the south of the lake is perfect for cycling enthusiasts. You will cycle through the history of the Italian Risorgimento crossing the morainic hills, the scene of great battles, crossing dozens of small medieval villages to be discovered, you can visit botanical parks and wine cellars where you will savor the flavors of the place you are visiting. Not only will you be able to reach large cities such as Verona, Mantua and Brescia in which to discover the history and culture of these places.

2) Trekking Around Lake Garda

Not many know it but it is possible to go around Lake Garda on foot, step by step, to appreciate every scenario: from the whitest beaches to the mountain paths. There are about 190 km to cover in 12 comfortable stages, even less for those who are more trained, to be done preferably in spring or autumn, even one at a time, or two/three in a weekend, and thus have the pretext to return on the shores of Lake Garda. We always recommend joining a guide or studying the route well before setting off on this adventure.

3) Trekking on the mountains surrounding Lake Garda

Ponale path. ©️lakegardaphoto
Ponale ©️lakegardaphoto

If, on the other hand, walking in the mountains is your passion, Lake Garda will leave you speechless! In fact, there are hundreds of paths dedicated to trekking on Lake Garda from the most famous such as the Ponale or the Busatte – Tempesta path to the lesser known which, however, lead you to discover unique territories such as Valvestino or Lessinia. You will find routes of all difficulties, from the simplest, for those who want to be freely in contact with nature, to via ferratas that take you up to the sky to see the lake above!

4) A holiday at a slow pace, indeed, very slow

To be sustainable, you don’t necessarily have to be sporty and put in a lot of effort; you can easily walk along the lake on the cycle and pedestrian paths of Riva del Garda, or which take you from Malcesine to Brenzone and from Bardolino to Garda. Have a beach “life” between swimming in the lake and then basking in the sun between a picnic and a yoga lesson and then in the evening have dinner in a romantic restaurant overlooking the lake.

5) Having fun blown by the wind

Lake Garda is the perfect realm for those who love sailing sports, running on the waters pushed by the force of the wind. Thanks to its morphological characteristics, Lake Garda is a perfect wind machine, from the morning with the Peler until the evening with the Ora it is possible to practice windsurfing, kite surfing or sailing on a sailboat! Above all the north of the lake squeezed between the mountains which give it the characteristic fjord shape. The northernmost portion of Lake Garda in the territory of Riva del Garda and Torbole is forbidden to motorized navigation and this makes it perfect for practicing sailing sports, even at the highest level. In fact, every year national, European and world championships are organized for the various sailing disciplines.

5+1) A sustainable stay

A holiday with an eye to the environment is also a search for hotels, restaurants and businesses that follow this philosophy. For this reason, this year Lake Garda has become a sustainable destination thanks to the Project Garda Outdoors Green Ambassador who intends to offset the carbon dioxide produced during your stay on Lake Garda through the purchase of virtuous shares that offset Co2 by making each trip carbon neutral (i.e. zero emissions). A generation of tourists on Lake Garda with zero impact travel on the climate.

When you are looking for accommodation or a restaurant, choose those with this logo, they are the Partners who participate in the compensation project! Here you can find them all!

Did we intrigue you? Come and spend your holiday on the largest Italian lake and you will return regenerated in body and soul knowing that you have also done good for the environment!

See you soon dear Outdoors

Walter Sestili

Destination Marketing manager since 1998, in love with Lake Garda and its opportunities. For these reasons Garda Outdoors was born, a meeting place where the passion for this territory meets the tourist's curiosity to visit and discover the beauties of the most beautiful and largest of the Italian lakes.