Empiria LitghtLand is an immersive, interactive and introspective path marked by 8 sensory and luminous maxi-installations.

Along the way, you are enveloped by sensations and emotions, in a sensorial experience that leads you to experience and learn about the Garda area and its excellences, in a contemporary and innovative way.

The location, the spectacular seventeenth-century courtyard of Borgo Machetto which houses the Church of Sant’Angela Merici, amplifies the sensations experienced thanks to the beauty and naturalness of the place.

The evening begins in the evocative courtyard, elegantly set up for dinner under the stars based on local wines and products specially chosen by the chefs.

At nightfall, the hostesses accompanied us along the path to tell us about the installations and, surprisingly, I notice that it was built following the holes of a golf course.

Empiria LightLand: immerse yourself in a visual and gustatory journey to discover the excellence of the Garda area.

This detail immediately reminded me of the scene from an old movie “Walking barefoot in the park” in which the protagonist, Robert Redford, took off his shoes and socks to walk on the grass in Central Park, incited by his wife Jane Fonda. So off shoes and socks, I too walked in the grass; the contact with the earth amplified the sensations I felt during the discovery of the light installations. A unique emotion that I recommend you try!

The artists, all from Brescia, have conceived the installations to represent and enhance the territory and its excellence. Here they are summarized:


A tribute to the Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery, a link between the past and the future of the city, dedicated to one of the most important museums in Brescia.


An immersive light installation consisting of 34 columns where man is at the center of the stage in first person, is the protagonist of his theater. It is a tribute to the theater and will be produced through the execution of an editing of fragments of choral opera.


“By giving yourself, how could you fear losing yourself? On the contrary, you would lose yourself fearing to give yourself” (Saint Augustine). The image of the labyrinth has a thousand-year history. Legends, mythologies and fantastic stories envelop this ancestral archetype.


A large geodesic dome is animated by an immersive video-mapping installation. Dome is a stimulus to interaction with space, a game with perception that develops through a contemporary language taking inspiration from the friezes, decorations and goldsmith art of the Lombards.


The ancient revisited in a modern key will be the focal theme of this work. The first Italian site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List (1979), the rock engravings will come to life through the unprecedented use of “Visual Art”.


The work wants to tell the history, culture and art of pressing. The individual is involved in a moment that recalls the intrinsic values ​​of wine production, surrounded by an atmosphere of sharing and joy.


Two expanses of water are sinuously outlined within a golf course, combining the blue of our lakes with the green of the surrounding plains.


Fluid shapes emerge from the depths of a lake, which take shape on the big screen, transforming it into the theater of projection.

A special evening, different, full of emotions, which also gives the opportunity to socialize with other people by telling the experiences just lived.

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